College Planning

New Covenant Academy provides a comprehensive college-counseling program. The School Counselor works with students and parents each spring to plan for the following year's classes. Many colleges have very specific requirements, and, therefore, it is incumbent upon the students and parents to investigate the colleges or universities of interest to them.

Students are required to take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) in the sophomore year and qualifying students take it again their junior year. Each year, freshman and sophomore students are required to take the ACT Aspire test, which provides practice for the ACT test. During the spring of the junior and senior year, students are required to take the American College Test (ACT) and encouraged to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) to provide colleges with information for the application process. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which is administered in the fall of the junior year, helps determine their vocational strengths and aptitudes.

A bulletin board is maintained by the School Counselor to provide students and families with information about colleges, scholarships, and financial aid. The task of choosing the right college is indeed daunting. The School Counselor at New Covenant Academy awaits the opportunity to serve families in this important process.



Your high school junior year is the best time to explore the possibilities ahead of you - whether those possibilities include college, travel, or a career. Now is the time to ask questions about your future, shadow a job, visit colleges, take interest surveys, and set up a checking and/or savings account. Your junior year is the last complete year that colleges may review, so it's important to maintain good grades. Keep in close touch with your guidance office about your grades and course selection. Visit the Mapping Your Future website to review suggested planning tips for your junior year.

Mapping Your Future for Juniors


During your senior year, you will finalize your college choice. This year is filled with admission applications, scholarship essays, financial aid information and the need to meet deadlines. Throughout your senior year, continue to build your resume by achieving academic success, as well as participating in extracurricular activities. Colleges are very interested in well-rounded students. The college preparation that takes place during your senior year is filled with a lot of details and paperwork. Visit the Mapping Your Future website to review a list of month-by-month planning suggestions.

Senior Calendar


It is never too soon to plan for college and your future. The Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) offers services and tools to assist you in achieving your educational goals. This site will help you find information about postsecondary education opportunities, preparing for college, planning for a career, finding and applying to college, and paying for college.

MDHE Going to College Resources


MDHE provides college and financial aid planning resources for Missouri students and parents. The following links highlight some of the resources available from MDHE.

Student and Parent Resources

Information on choosing a college that fits, admissions, costs, residency qualifications, and researching schools.

MDHE Student and Parent Resources

Financial Aid 101

Information on financial aid categories (need based/non-need based), estimated family contribution (EFC), calculating cost of attendance (COA), and types of financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans).

MDHE Financial Aid Resources

Preparing for College

Information to help students prepare for college while they are in high school.

MDHE Preparing for College Resources

Middle School Links and Resources

MDHE Middle School Resources



My College Options provides students with the opportunity to create a personal online college and career planning profile. Students can match their individual needs, talents, abilities, goals, and interests with the offerings of over 5,500 accredited post-secondary institutions across the United States.

Along with the college match, students have access to valuable information about paying for college, types of institutions, career exploration, how to apply for college, and much, much more.

As a result of using this FREE service, students can connect with colleges and universities directly. In addition, they may hear from other education and career service providers offering educational opportunities such as college admissions services, financial aid, and career info, as well as extra-curricular, enrichment, and recognition programs.


Parents can use My College Options to find answers to their college planning questions. They are provided with newsletters, articles, answers to frequently-asked questions and other resources that will inform and support their involvement in their child’s college search process.

My College Options®


"Big Future" is a comprehensive college and financial aid resource for parents and students in 7th-12th grade. Students can create online portfolios to track and save college, career, and financial aid planning activities. 

College Board - Big Future


ACT's College Planning tool provides parents and students with a step-by-step college planning process. The ACT website also provides parents and students with helpful Career Planning and Financial Aid information.

ACT College Planning Tools


ACT Profile is a free, mobile resource to help you learn more about yourself and teh college and career paths you want to explore. 

ACT Profile


Get Set for College is a resource published by ACT to help students and parents prepare for college. Students or parents may also pick up a copy of Get Set for College: A Guide for Missouri Parents and Students from Mrs. Petree (copies can be found outside of the counseling office). 


Family Firsts Student Guide is directed toward students who are the first in their family to attend college. By starting early to think about and plan for college, students can prepare for their future. This 6-page booklet includes advice on why students should go to college, what it takes to get there, who can help, how to choose a college and succeed once there, and how to plan for college financing.

Family Firsts Parent Guide has been developed for parents whose child is the first to attend college and discusses college opportunities and experiences available to students. It provides college planning information such as the benefits of a college education, the college search, how and where to find financing, and how the parents can provide support as their child explores and plans for college.


ACT is committed to providing information that will help students better prepare for success throughout their lives. This 4-page brochure can help students and parents quickly locate no-cost and low-cost ACT tools and resources to help students start planning for life after high school. 

Click on the attachments below to download valuable ACT resources for students and parents.

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