Career Planning


Missouri Connections helps students open the door to career exploration and educational planning. Sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Missouri students in public and private schools (grades 7-14), their parents, school counselors, and educators can use the online system at no charge. NCA students in grades 7-12 have established a username and password and work with the school counselor on career planning throughout the school year. NCA parents interested in reviewing their student's college and career planning progress may request a parent account. Missouri Connections provides a valuable platform for parents to assist their student in the college and career planning process.

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Beginning in the 8th grade, students will work with the guidance counselor to determine which high school courses will prepare them for college and career readiness. Students are encouraged to select high school courses that not only meet selective college admission requirements, but courses that are purposeful and focused on future career goals. Students will develop a four-year plan of study with the help of their school counselor and parents. Personal plans of study will be reviewed and revised each spring to assure students are on track for high school graduation as well as being prepared to meet college and career goals.


Students at NCA are encouraged to identify and evaluate their own interests, abilities and goals. The school counselor is available to assist students with the decisions they must make in planning for high school, college and career. NCA’s 7-12 school counselor can help students discover and use a variety of information about college and career programs of study, as well as materials designed to assist in learning more about themselves. Assessments (i.e. ACT Aspire, ACT, ASVAB, Missouri Connections) provide information from which the school counselor and students plan a program of studies leading to a meaningful career.