Hello!  My name is Mrs. Fidler and I am New Covenant Academy’s PreK-12 Art Teacher.  This is my third year at NCA and my ninth year of teaching.  I am so excited to be continuing NCA’s award-winning Art program in a BRAND NEW Art Room this year!  It is a true joy to work with NCA students, families, and staff as we learn, grow, and move forward together!

Visual Arts Curriculum

The approach taken in regards to teaching students of the arts has changed and grown significantly in just the past 5 years.  It is my goal to apply recent findings centered around artistic development, spontaneous creativity, and intrinsic motivation to our Art Studio at NCA.

We will be following the National Visual Arts Standards sponsored by the National Art Education Association and the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards.  These are available to view at:


In order to achieve this, I plan to utilize a variety of methods including: Choice-Based Art Education, Discipline-Based Art Education, Continuous Classroom Improvement, Kagan Cooperative Learning, Portfolio Building, Biblical Integration, Technology Integration, and Bloom’s Taxonomy for Critical Thinking Skills.

My classroom works very much like a public Art Studio, which is quite different from a traditional Art classroom.  Students will explore, experiment, discover, and create based heavily on personal choice.  Students are treated as artists and are pushed to recognize and address personal strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and style choices.  If at any time you would like more information regarding this process, feel free to contact me!

Art Exhibits & Artsonia

NCA students and their artwork will be part of various classroom critiques and Art exhibits throughout the school year.  This creates a unique issue to the Art room regarding work coming home.  In order for students to participate in critiques and exhibits, their artwork must remain in the classroom.  However, the students want to share their work with family who also want to see it!  In order to accommodate both needs, we will be utilizing Artsonia (www.artsonia.com) to showcase student work and to allow family/friends to view the student’s work throughout the year.  As students complete their pieces, they will learn to properly photograph them and save them to their personal file on a classroom computer.  I will then upload the images to  the student’s profile.  Friends and family will be able to view their student’s work through the use of a unique user name.   Student first names are visible, however, last names are never used.  If you are not comfortable having your student’s artwork on Artsonia, please let me know.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me or visit www.artsonia.com.