Civil Society Innovation Initiative

New-Rule has completed work with Counterpart International on their USAID-funded Civil Society Innovation Initiative (CSII) to conduct a global legal aid survey, the results of which have been used in the development of a mobile app that allows legal defenders and civil society leaders to easily contact one another for assistance and the exchange of lessons-learned. Civil society organizations (CSOs) participating in CSII repeatedly identified the need to gather and make this information readily available.

New-Rule partner, iVote, designed and developed the mobile application that houses this data, as shown, in searchable database, utilizing geospatial information systems (GIS) technology. This tool links legal defenders and those in need of their knowledge and services together in real time. 

As part of this initiative, New-Rule showcased the Innovation for Change (I4C) Legal Defender Mobile App at the 2nd International Conference on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems,
held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2016. UNODC, UNDP, the International Legal Foundation (ILF) and the Federal Public Defender's Office of Argentina co-sponsored the 3-day program, which gathered nearly 200 public defenders, legal aid service providers, other civil society actors, as well as a wide range of governmental and intergovernmental officials involved in legal aid in criminal justice systems across the globe.

New-Rule Senior Technical Director Kyra Buchko engaged participants in the use of the mobile app, highlighting features most helpful to their work as legal defenders. New-Rule also distributed its Legal Defender Profile Survey toparticipants interested in joining the app's growing global database, facilitating their connection to other legal aid service providers, and those in need of legal aid, in more than 70 countries. 

We Stand For:

Vigilance. New-Rule engages its network daily to keep abreast of new developments in democracy, governance, and human rights. Our team believes lessons must be captured and understood to be learned.

Ambition. New-Rule aspires to maintain the most sophisticated network of expertise available, increasing value while lowering cost of access to senior professionals. The team reflects an interdisciplinary, technology-friendly approach that seeks to provide the best value for its clients.

Devotion. All New-Rule personnel have chosen to work on democracy, governance, and human rights based on a personal commitment to the field. Our team is field tested and readily understands that persistence is a key to success.