Please join us for the Nevada Young Authors' Conference May 6, 2017

Guest S
Nevada Young Authors' Conference
Michael Shoulders
Clarksville, TN

Michael Shoulders lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. He has written several books including T is For Titanic, which was a Eureka! Silver Medal Recipient, a NAPPA Honor Award Recipient, and a USA Best Book Award Finalist. 
He visits schools across the U.S. and Europe.   

Ann Ingalls
Kansas City, MO

Ann Ingalls was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She taught elementary and special education in Lansing, Michigan and Kansas City, Missouri, where she currently lives. Now, she works as a writer for both children and adults. Her first book, The Little Piano Girl, was a  finalist for the Crystal Kite Award.


Guest Speakers
Mike Artell

Covington, LA

Mike Artell is an author, illustrator, conference speaker, and musician.  He lives in Covington, Louisiana with his wife.  They have two daughters and five grandchildren.  Mike has written and illustrated over 35 books and many have won awards. 

Jenny Whitehead

Kansas City, MO

Jenny Whitehead is an author and illustrator. She lives in Kansas City, Mo with her husband and two daughters.  Her book the Lunch Box Mail won the CBC Children's Choice and the Bank Street College of Education Best Book awards.  She really enjoys visiting schools, writing poetry and stories, and illustrating. 

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."
Issac Asimov

Guest Speakers
Tom Birdseye
Corvallis, Oregon

"I admit it, I'm a bit sneaky when it comes to my presentations. I very intentionally aim for the funny bone and get them laughing — especially the reluctant ones, like I was as a kid. Then, when their guard is down, I slip in a lot of teaching: Where to look for ideas; how to develop characters, setting, plot, and voice; and the absolute importance of rewriting. (Read: perseverance.) 'You should be a comedian!' they tell me as they exit. But later I hear from teachers about the great writing session they had with their kids after the assembly. I smile and think, 'Gotcha!'"  

Amy Houts
Maryville, MO
"I have always loved books. My mother and father valued, read, and purchased books. I'm an avid reader. My mother has always called me a "dreamer" because of my active imagination. Freelance writing at home is a dream come true."     


"To improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life."  by Samuel Johnson
Guest Speakers
Steve Swinburne
South Londonderry, VT
Ocean Soup - Tide Pool Poems
Center for Excellence in Literacy Instruction
2011 Read Aloud Book Award
Lisa Campbell Ernst
Kansas City, MO
The Gingerbread Girl
2012 Read Aloud Award 
Guest Speakers
Michael Shoulders
Clarksville, TN
Author of T is for Titanic

Laura Huliska-Beith
Kansas City, MO
Children's Choice Award
The Recess Queen

Imagine the Paradise of Books
"I have always imagined that paradise will
be a kind of library." 
by Jorge Louis Borges
May 5, 2012 at Truman Elementary 
12:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.
2012 Guest Speakers
Laura Huliska-Beith and 
Michael Shoulders signing autographs for Young Author winners