Bus Routes

Anchor (07-2) North of Compton Junction area,east on M hwy to 1700 road,south to Murphy Mill road, west on Highland to Washington

Apple (10-3) routes by assignment for special needs only

Bear (97-2)stops Washington & Edwards, Main & Edwards( Highland Downs), Washington & Grand, Atlantic & Cedar, Atlantic & Main, Spring & Godfrey, Atlantic & Elizabeth, Atlantic & Tucker, Floral & Olive, Atlantic & Olive, Fairground Estates for Benton & Middle School students. Students to YMCA after school from Byran and Benton

Boot (05-2)South of 54 hwy at VFW to F hwy, between 1200 road and BB at Garwood corner

Butterfly (03-3) north and west of the State Hospital, North Ash stops. YMCA students from Truman ONLY.

Candle (03-1) Southeast of Milo, town of MIlo, go one mile north on 71, west one mile, north by Twin Lakes golf course, past west side of 3M

Circle (99-2) Garfield and West--Adams and Atlantic--Ash and Atlantic--South on Main to Hickory--Hickory north on Cedar to Atlantic.

Dinosaur (09-3) west of Metz including the town of Metz; area north of D highway--Stops Oak & Atlantic.

E.C.S.E. (98-4) preschool bus

Flower (06-4) area east of Milo and south of E highway including E highway to 71 highway

Giraffe (97-4)   Tucker & Hunter, Arch & Adams, Central & Missouri, Central & Commercial, Lynn & Central, Colorado & Central, Main & Park, Cedar & Park , Colorado & Hickory

Hammer (99-3) begin at Austin, south on Spring Street to Ewing, west to College, north exiting at Woods; west on 54 to Halltown Road, north to West Walnut, east on West Walnut to N. Benton, north on Benton to W. Ashland

Heart (97-1) east on Floral to Missouri, south to Minnesota, Minnesota to Washington, Stops Floral & Elm,Minnesota & Commercial, Floral & Colorado, Minnesota & Missouri.Emerys Daycare

Horse (05-4) Main & Arch, Main & Douglas, Main & Barr, Main & Ewing, Main & Burton, Main & South, Cedar & Burton, Between Barr & Pitcher on Cedar, Cedar & Sycamore, Cedar & Ewing, Adams & Allison, Cedar & Wright

Jet (00-3) Highland east of 71, past Fram, east to school boundary, cross 54 highway south to Round House Road, back to Quackenbush Trailer park, Mill & Allison, Mill & Locuct, Mill & Wooter, Lifehouse Daycare at 54 & Hickory

Key (06-2) Area east of Camp Clark and North of K hwy, Nevada Heights apartments, east Nevada Speedway, Moss House in the A.M.

Lamp (00-4) south College across to Briarwood, Country Club area, returning to South street, then north on Adams to Douglas, Stops College & Douglas, College & Barr, Spring & Park Hill Drive, Country Club, extended Spring Street, Clay & south, Douglas Clay, Wight & Clay, Clay & Sycamore, Clay & Arch

Leaf (09-2) start on K highway 6 miles east of water tower by Camp Clark, area between E and K and back to 71, cross 71, go west 1-1/2 miles, north 3-1/2 miles, turn west to Washington  -Stops Cherry & Washington, Allison & Washington, Walnut & Washington,

Music note (06-3) east of H highway, south of D highway and town of Deerfield. Cherry & Tower, Olive & Hunter, Prewitt & Cherry

Sailboat (07-7)West of 71( I-49) on D hwy to Stotesbury. Stops at  Elmwood for middle school and High School students. Elm st. north of Atlantic. Villa Trailer Park.

Scissors (05-1) east on K highway to 10 mile corner, south 1 mile on gravel, then east 1-1/2 miles, follow road to Clear Creek Bridge (south of Woodington’s) returning on K highway, Moss House in the P.M.

Seal (02-3) start west of E highway, go 2 miles west, north past Garwood Wrecker to extreme south end of Washington Street. Stops Lynn & Walnut, Lynn & Locust, Lynn & Hickory

Shamrock (02-2) west of Heartland to 1400 RD, north to Mission/Highland Rd.,Minnie Ball Rd. back to State Hospital Road, --Cedar & Sentinel, Cedar & Grand, Main & Grand

Square (00-1) Pine & Arch, Sycamore & Arch, Sycamore & Lynn, Sycamore & Washington, Maple & Oak, Oak & Douglas, Douglas & Lynn, Lynn & Wight, Lynn & Maple, Garfield & Clay, Garfield & Adams.

Star (07-6) 54 to T highway, south to boundary, east, then back to KK, north and south of KK through Ellis, Stops--Elizabeth & Hunter, Elizabeth & Walnut, Elizabeth & Allison, Cherry & Tucker

Swan (00-2) starts south of City Hospital to Teel Creek; Rolling Meadows and area around old city dump,

Train (00-5) Main & Maple, east on Maple, cross tracks to Division, north on Alma to Austin, , . Stops Pine & Maple, Jefferson & Division, Douglas & Alma, Berry & Alma,  Walnut & Jefferson,Jefferson & Wooter

Triangle (09-4) start at 71 highway to BB highway; BB highway west by Beckett Cemetery, area east of BB highway to Oakwood Estates to 2nd railroad track on south BB

Tree (09-1)  Richards and surrounding area, College & Wight,Sycamore & Chestnut, Sycamore & Maple

Turtle (15-2)) begins 2 miles west of Deerfield, south to KK, west to state line, back to 54, stop along 54 from Deerfield to 43 highway, Cherry & West--Cherry and Walnut.

Umbrella (02-1) start at west city limits, west on 54 to 43, north back to Boy’s Ranch, Drywood Crest, Rolling Acres and W. Ashland. Stops Rolling Acres, Tiger Lane & Ashland, Prewitt & Hickory, Perkins & Hickory, Tower & Hickory.

Whale (15-1) north on 71 highway to Horton and Arthur, west at Arthur, Fairground Estates for Bryan, Truman & HS students