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Title I Reading

Title 1 Description of Services
The Nevada R-5 Title 1 Program encompasses a variety of specialized services focusing on the reading success of educationally disadvantaged students. We currently serve a total of 355 students through these programs.

Early Childhood Description of Services
Students are identified through the district's Early Childhood Developmental screening and referrals fromthe Parents as First Teachers Program, area professionals, parents, etc. State guidelines mandate that services begin on a child's third birthday, rather than at the beginning of the next school year. Therefore; referrals, evaluations and placement of students is an ongoing process throughout the school year. Support services such as sign language interpreters, deaf education, speech/language therapy, and physical and occupational therapy are provided based on the child's individual needs.

Reading Recovery / Remedial Reading (attached below)

Early Childhood Education

Title 1 Reading Remediation

Certified Staff
Sara Parrack
Geneva Cummins
Kristy Padgett
Janet del Rosario                                         Karen Cussimanio                          
Donna Wagner
Janet del Rosario
Heather Dilly                                                 Andy Smith                                                 Kristy Beshore                                            Sherry Lindsay
Cindy Satterfield
Debbie Walker                                             Dawn Arens

Assignment and Location
Early Childhood Education - Bryan
Reading Recovery/Early Literacy - Bryan
Reading Recovery/Early Literacy - Bryan
Reading Recovery/ Early Literacy - Bryan
Reading Recovery/Early Literacy - Bryan
Reading Recovery/ Early Literacy - Bryan
Reading Recovery/ Early Literacy - Bryan         Reading Interventionist- Benton                            Reading Interventionist- Benton and Truman          Literacy Coach- Benton and Truman                  Reading Interventionist - Truman                            Literacy Coach - Truman                                      Reading Interventionist - Truman                             Reading Interventionist - Truman

Technical Assistants
Sandy Bobbett
Assignment and Location
Early Childhood Education - Bryan
Misti Raney,
Nov 23, 2010, 7:51 AM