Admission Requirements
  1.   A valid High school diploma or Hi-Set equivalency previously know as GED
  2.   Must be 18 years of age or older by the time school starts in August.  This is a requirement for licensure, unless a Health Sciences   
        CNA graduate, but must turn 18 before graduation.
  3.   Physical and mental health as evidenced by a physical examination before admission to class
  4.   Complete pre-entrance TEAS-V exam with minimum individual composite score of 58.0%, with individual scores of 63.7% or above in
        reading, 60.3% or above in Math, and 57.4% or above in English. All students that have been accepted to the program will attend Math
        Boot Camp on a scheduled day in July.
  5.   Good moral character as evidenced by references
  6.   Clear criminal background check
  7.   Clean drug screen results
  8.   Adequate finances
  9.   Reliable transportation
10.   Immunization records:  2-MMR's/Hepatitis B series/current:  2-step TB skin testing/yearly Flu shot
11.   "Students for whom English is a second language shall meet the same general admission requirements as other students."  MSBN 20
        CSR 2200-3.090 Students 1.G.
Reviewed: 10/16/2014 jlp