Ms. Merry White and Mr. David Longobardi, Advisors

Morgan Hold earned 3rd place in Architectural at SkillsUSA Competition 


2013-2014 Officers
President - Jessica DeCocq
Vice President - Crystal Miller
Secretary/Reporter - Camille Buttorff
Treasurer/Historian - Michael Geeding
Parliamentarian - Brett Scott

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NRTC'S SkillsUSA Chapter is represented at the District level by three District officers: Vice President Kyle O'Bryan, Treasurer Luke McGee and Reporter Blake Gooch. The Southwest District SkillsUSA officer installation banquet was held on September 15 at the Monett Career and Technical Center. The 2010-2011 officer team is comprised of students from Carthage, Monett, Neosho and Nevada and represents students from nine southwest area career and technical schools.

The officer team represented the Southwest District in a statewide leadership event held in Jefferson City on September 30 and held their own leadership event on November 11. The November 11 District Leadership event was attended by 115 students from seven southwest area career and technical schools.

The officers will be responsible for setting up and facilitating the District Leadership contest and awards ceremony that will take place on the MSSU campus March 4.

Kyle O'Bryan, Vice President  

Lucas McGee, Treasurer

Blake Gooch, Reporter