2015-2016 Meal Prices
 Meal School Price
 Breakfast High School
Middle School
 Lunch High School
Middle School
 Extra Milk All Buildings $

Smart Snack Guidelines for Schools
Information from USDA Website

Federal Government Changes School Meals--
implementation began school year 2012-2013

There is now a Grab N Go Breakfast option that is available to both students and staff. Students will just need to stop by the cafeteria and grab a breakfast bag, go through the cashier, and head to their classroom. All items are wrapped and are easy to consume with minimal mess. Students should place all their back in their sack and throw it in the trash can. For students and staff wishing to continue to eat hot breakfast in the cafeteria, that option will still be available. 


  Light & Fit options now available!
Please let your kitchen know by 9:00 AM if you would like one. Each of these qualify as a "staff tray". We will not be able to offer these items as ala cart options. 
   1) Turkey wrap, fresh fruit and baked Lays
   2) Garden salad with grilled chicken, yogurt and fresh fruit
   3) Tuna salad sandwich, cottage cheese and fresh fruit
   4) Roasted chicken, side salad and fresh fruit

High School
Front: Dena Crews, Belinda Johnson, Melanie Adams, Kim Brandt
Back: Sheila Lile, Denise Johnson, Jan Cannon, LeaKay Karleskint (Director), Bobbi Bowles

Bryan Elementary
Cheryl Jones, Head Cook
Elizabeth Crawford, Becky Pryor

Benton Elementary
Deena Lolley, Manager
Sharon Crews, Elsie Pitts 10-1:30

Truman Elementary
Shannon Leavell, Manager
Lisa Armstrong, Lorna Harden, Mary Lou Leer, Judy Larimore, Patty Stutzman

Middle School
Joan Sanders, Manager
Valerie Adams, Barbara Chrisenberry, Elsie Pitts, Bernice Weber, Mary Anne Wilson, Sandy Wilson