Professional Educator Organizations

(Community Teachers Association)
recognizes American Education Week in November

President:  Kim Greer
President-Elect:  Jessica Baker
Past President:  Deb Zoglmann
Membership Chair:  Louise Lunkenheimer
Secretary:  Erin Townsend
Treasurer:  Krista Scotten
Building Representatives
Bryan:  Shalene Gordon, Cathie Wooldridge
Benton:  Lesha Franklin
Truman:  Kayla Hawks, Kendra Byers
Middle School:  Deandra Owen
High School:  Diane Blankenship
NRTC:  Amber Jenkins
Bowman:  Ruth Ann Painter
Heartland:  Kyle Talley
Bus/Maintenance:  Larry Crews
Committee Chairs
Social:  Deb Zoglmann (NRTC)
Flower:  Amy Hertzberg (MS)
Legislative:  Bonnie Franklin (MS)
Welfare (3 Yr):  Susan Burns (Bowman) ('17)
Salary:  Jennifer Ellis '(16)
Insurance:  Crystal Burch (Bowman)
T.O.Y.:  Ruth Ann Painter (Bowman)
Scholarship:  Samantha Short (HS)
Programs:  Jessica Baker (Truman)
T.O.Y. Committee
Bryan:  Christy Ast
Benton:  Stanie Hoover
Truman:  Myra Bond
NMS:  Deandra Owen
NHS:  Bobbie Lou Barber
NRTC/Bowman:  Ruth Ann Painter, Kent Pruitt
Heartland:  Daneta Jett

Missouri National Education Association
Dorene Rhoads (MS)

Missouri State Teachers Association
Kim Greer, Membership (MS)

Nevada R-5 CTA Purposes

*  To maintain a close organization of the teachers of this district
*  To promote fellowship among the members
*  To encourage active participation of all teachers in the solution of school problems
*  To bring about greater unity of action
*  To advance the ideals and standards of the teaching profession
*  To secure conditions necessary for the greatest efficiency of the schools
*  To aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries, tenure, sound retirement systems, and other improvements and advancements as will enable teachers to function properly as a vital factor in our educational progress
*  To enable members to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the teaching profession and to present their individual and common interests before the Board of Education and other legal authorities