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Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow... Together! 

minutes matter

Senate Bill 638 required the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to create a website about the trauma-informed schools initiative that includes information for schools and parents. Further, the law requires that each school provide the address of the website, created by DESE, to "all parents of the students in its district." The address is:  http://motraumaschools.com

NRTC Culinary Arts Day of Service at Community Outreach
NRTC Culinary at Community Outreach

NRTC Culinary at Community Outreach


mechanic wanted
Nevada R-V is accepting applications for a full-time MECHANIC. Please contact Dean Walker, Director of Transportation, for more information at 417-448-2096. 

NRTC Graphic Design Day of Service
NRTC Graphic Design day of service
Graphic Design morning students packed boxes for Lifewalk Church to deliver to families for Thanksgiving. The afternoon crew picked up cans from the Truman Elementary food drive and took them to Community Outreach, where they unloaded, sorted and organized the cans. 

Character Champion logo
The Vernon County Youth Task Force (VCYTF) is pleased to announce a new program, Character Champion. The Character Champion program is an opportunity for the community to work together to develop a culture of character for our youth. They will be presenting a character word each quarter through the united efforts of individuals, businesses, schools, civic organizations, the media, and the faith community. YOU are invited to JOIN the Character Champion team in any way you would like to help!