At Nevada R-V...
1.  We believe in the value of human dignity.
2.  We believe that each individual has the right to feel and be valued, involved, and safe in his or her environment.
3.  We believe that all individuals must take personal and social responsibility within their community.
4.  We believe that learning is a life-long endeavor, enhanced by a diversity of experiences.
5.  We believe that when individuals are held to higher expectations they will produce greater results.
6.  We believe that strong schools are crucial to community development and growth, and that community support is vital to developing strong schools.
7.  We believe that effective education promotes critical and creative thinking, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.
8.  We believe that effort and a positive attitude are keys to an individual's success.
9.  We believe that family, community, and school are vital in the development of an individual.

Nevada R-V Mission Statement:
The mission of the Nevada R-V School District, a district that inspires innovative and educational excellence, is to develop well-equipped life-long learners who are productive in a changing global society through diverse educational experiences, best instructional practices, and innovative technology, as well as utilizing the resources of our community.

"Year of the Vernon County Youth:
Working Together to Build Character"

job openings
* Elementary Teacher
* Middle School
* Middle School English
* High School Math Teacher
* High School JV Girls Basketball Coach
* High School 9th Girls Basketball Coach
* High School Wrestling Chanter Sponsor
* NRTC Agricultural Education Teacher
* NRTC Nursing Instructor
* Heartland At-Risk Teacher
* Central Office Secretary

Nevada R-5 School District is accepting 
school bus
applications for substitute bus drivers. Please contact Dean Walker, Director of Transportation, at 417-448-2096 if interested. 

Character word for the month is SELF-DISCIPLINE
--to work hard, to control your emotions, actions and impulses, and to give your best in every situation

Self-discipline is...saying "no" to things that will keep you from reaching your goals and saying "yes" to things that will enable you to reach your objectives.