Book Recommendations

NEW!!!! Student book trailers done in 8th grade Language Arts classes.
Click the titles below to see what some of our students are reading and loving!

Addison Vorm- Last Man Out by Mike Lupica
Hannah Fritz and Katelyn Kingsbury- All I Need by Suzane Colasanti
Bridget Patterson- Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten
Grace Cahill- Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis
Madison McGaffin and Sydney Mosinski- Things We Know by Heart by Jessie Kirby
Dev Patel and Gage Maiefski- Back Before Dark by Tim Shoemaker
Carlie Blazek- With Malice by Eileen Cook

Student Recommendations
All the Bright Places
       by Jennifer Niven

Recommended by: 
Chloe Peterson

What it's about:
Violet and Finch are two ordinary teens forced into an extraordinary romance by the lukewarm hands of suicide and mental illness. Just as Violet is about to leap from the school bell tower, 6 stories above the ground, Finch appears. It's unclear who saves whom. Later, for a school project, Finch and Violet wander Indiana, touring places such as Hooiser Hill, Indiana's highest point(1257 feet, just in case you were wondering.)

Why I recommend it:
This book has a heart wrenching story that will keep you reading until the very last word. You'll laugh and most likely cry. Not to be missed if you like John Green's The Fault in our Stars.

House of Robots

by James Patterson             Recommended by Jarrett Fredin

This is a fictional book trying to entertain others but also putting a strong message across. Sammy a boy with an annoying life filled with an Error as a brother and robots all over in his life. His mom a genius, creating robots for their house.  Sammy believes his life is terrible with E going to school with him for a reason Sammy doesn’t know. He says E will take him on a straight road to loserville.  Then he takes E for granite and losses his best friend. When more bad things happen in his life he feels like there is a piece missing from him. Once he apologizes and realises his mistakes he gets his friend back and many more things. He later finds the reason for E and changes his family's life forever and makes it better.

I liked the book because it was humorous and I have read all the other James Patterson books. I believe that if you like humorous books you should totally read this book.  I believe anyone would like this book. I would give this book a 5 out of 5 because this book is funny and great for all.

With Malice

By Eileen Cook

Recommended by:
 Madison McGaffin

What it's about:

Jill woke up in a hospital with no memory of what caused her leg to be in a cast and her face to be covered in stitches. She later finds out that she was the driver of an awful car accident, that her best friend was also in. Everyone around her begins to question if this accident wasn’t actually an accident. As her memory begins to come back she questions who she can trust and what she is capable of.

Why I recommend it:

I recommend With Malice because it keeps you thinking throughout the entire book. It teaches you about friendship and family. If you like murder mysteries this book will be a great fit for you. Also, check out Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, for a similar style book.

Absolutely Almost

by Lisa Graff

Recommended by Dylan Jensen

Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff is an almost perfect book. This book is a fictional story great for middle schoolers. The main character, Albie is completely convincing and a likeable ten year old. The novel is broken up into short chapters that are easy to read and get to the point of the book. . It can be easy for kids and adults alike to overlook the kinds of talents Albie has, one of them is being an expert on New York City. Absolutely Almost is a book for entertainment. The author of the book exposed a lot of detail throughout the book. The plot of the story is that Albie is and has always been an almost in everything, but now that he moved to a new school where no one knows him he can get a new start to things. Well does Albie know the almost could get worse and turn an almost into a fail. You will have to read the book to find out. I think the book is a good book to just sit back in your free time and get engaged in an amazing and funny book.

Never Always Sometimes

By Adi Alsaid

Recommended by:

Ellie Gray

What it's about:

Dave and Julia are two teens who made a list of things they would never do in high school. Cliche things like become recognized by their lunch spot or dating your best friend. Little does Julia know, Dave has already broken a rule by having feelings for Julia through all of high school. Their senior year, Dave and Julia decide to break all of the rules on their Nevers list. But Dave and Julia’s friendship is tested when things such as love get in the way.

Why I recommend it:
I recommend this book because it is a great story that shows the power of friendship and love. It also shows that by avoiding cliches, you might be missing out on something real. If you enjoyed Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid, this book is a good fit for you.

Middle School: Save Rafe

by James Patterson

Recommended by Carter Herridge

So, the book I’m reviewing? The fiction book, Middle School: Save Rafe. If you haven’t read any of the Middle School books by James Patterson, you might wanna start with the first, just to get a feel for it. The series is about Rafe Khach-I don’t even know, and he, (like many others in this genre) HATES middle school, treating it like it’s purgatory. You could replace Rafe with any Middle School book student and it would probably be the same, so what makes it different? Well this particular one has him need to go back to his old school, Hills Village. Although, he can’t even get back in, due to him being a bad student (Hey, he needs to be bad, otherwise this wouldn’t be as entertaining!). He needs to enroll in a program to get him back in. And shenanigans ensue. The mood is kind’ve like those Middle School survival guides, but it’s used to more or less entertain. The formula of the “Survival of the Middle School” has been really stretched down, you need to find something interesting to do with it. This book is basically just an altered version of the 3rd. Camp, weirdos, strict leader, psycho, ETC. Although that being said, it’s your standard go-to camp survival story. That being said, it’s good. The drawings are very creative and detailed, and it’s didn’t put me to sleep. Though, I would recommend some of James Patterson’s other works, probably I Funny.