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I will be uploading the videos of our class lectures to YouTube for easy access.  I am using my NE Unified 1 email address for the YouTube account and have a separate playlist for each class.  
Here is the link for the Algebra 1 Playlist on YouTube:
This link is also under the files tab! 

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Math Apps - 
  • Below attached is a list of a Variety of Math Apps provided by ESU 8 .  Please Look at this file, I will NEVER make you purchase anything (all the apps I use will be FREE).  I want to try a couple out, but these are really helpful to have access to!  If there are any others that you know of or you think we should utilize in the classroom, let me know and we can do it! 

Apps for Taking Photos of Assignments and converting to .pdf form - 
  • Genius Scanner (Apple/Android) - I have some experience with this
  • CamScanner (Apple/Android) - I just downloaded this, we will have to work together to figure it out
  • Tiny Scanner (Apple/Android) - I just downloaded this, we will have to work together to figure it out
  • Easy Scanner (Apple)  - I just downloaded this, we will have to work together to figure it out
  • iScanner (Apple)  - I just downloaded this, we will have to work together to figure it out

Week In Review

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The papers that you got today (August 16) are in flies below (Syllabus and Assignment 1 - Get To Know You) 

Week Of August 16-19 - Week 1
Tuesday, August 16 - 2:00 Dismissal -Attendance, Meet the Teacher, You Can Learn Anything Video (clickable link), Syllabus Overview, Website 
            Homework 1 - Due MONDAY, August 22nd at 3:45 PM
                        Assignment 1, Signed Syllabus, and Covered Book
Wednesday, August 17 - Get to Know Me Quiz, Pass Out Books, Preliminary Quiz (to get an idea of where you are), Be(Word Cloud - What it means to you), and Syllabus Questions/Review
Thursday, August 18 - Get to Know You Quiz, Pass Out Books, Review of the Preliminary Quiz
Friday, August 19 - Review of Preliminary Quiz and Basic Trig Items

Week Of August 22-26 - Week 2
Monday, August 22 - Go through Chapter 1, Section 2 (1-2), Worksheet in Class
FULL Assignment 1 DUE TODAY at 3:45 PM 
        1.  Signed Syllabus
        2.  Assignment 1 - Get To Know You (Paper)
        3.  Book Covered


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Here is the syllabus for Pre-Calculus!  Feel free to refer back to it whenever you need!  I will also post it under the files section! 


posted May 24, 2016, 5:14 PM by Rebekah Kuhfal

Hello Pre-Calc Students!  I am excited to be your teacher next year!  I look forward to meeting all of you and learning about what you want to do in the future and why you are taking this course!  

Calculus was where I found my love for math, so I am excited to teach this class because it starts dealing with some of the materials that I found fun and interesting! 

I may start posting some links that will help throughout the year this summer!  Feel free to start watching this site to see updates and what I am up to regarding your class this summer!  

Miss Kuhfal

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