Earth Coupling and
Seasonal Thermal Storage

Capturing Thermal Energy within the home


Let’s think of our homes as closed eco-systems, battling to maintain a comfortable temperature and clean air quality, so that its inhabitants can live relaxed, healthy lives. In an attempt to reduce the energy costs of maintaining temperature, recent construction techniques completely seal buildings from the outdoors, therefore conserving lots of energy, but simultaneously trapping poor indoor air quality. To combat this health concern, new California code requires fresh air ventilation for all new homes. Our designs incorporate Fresh Air Energy Recovery ventilation, with natural Geo-Energy-Capture / Thermal-Storage systems, to create a “Passive Geo-Exchange” system.

The combination of our Energy Recovery Ventilation system, the basement’s natural temperature, and our Geo-Cavity Storage System creates a healthy and comfortable home ecosystem, while cutting energy costs.

Due to the phenomenon of “Thermal Lag”, the basement structure now has become a thermal heat sink and storage unit, assisting the performance of the building’s heating and cooling system. The basement structure and adjacent earth, during the summer, will be cooler than normal due to the winter’s heat extraction cycle, and it will be warmer than normal at the beginning of winter, due to the dumping of heat during the summer. This results in thermal energy lag effect in the foundation and soil, which assists the home’s heating and cooling

For the sub-structure soil to reach and maintain optimal temperatures (a several year process), it must be

buffered from winter's outdoor extremes by sub-grade perimeter insulation extensions and from precipitation transferred losses by perimeter water-diversion devices