A Rejuvenating Home  with Geothermal Ventilation

The world's first Earth or “Geo-Ventilation / Basement Energy" system was created to eliminate the odor of mildew and mold spores, resulting in a dry allergen free basement and interior home living environment.

Geothermal Ventilation was invented in 2011 in the basement of a small house near Annapolis Maryland. The first prototype began development in winter of 2010, and now the Bardwell Residence completed in the fall of 2012, is the first installation of its kind, using this patented energy system.

There is an energy source from the earth’s temperature within your home’s basement. This is not a geo-thermal well but an air to air system that transfers the earth’s subterranean  temperature, for the equivalent energy use of a light bulb.  We  did this with our patented “Geo-Ventilation” system completed in the summer of 2012 at the Bardwell residence. 

We create a healthy, quality, livable area in your home’s basement, with practically no maintenance required, other than cleaning (4) air filters bi-yearly.

We are a newly formed business with a team having a history of 40 years of architecture, construction, and renewable energy engineering experience, that create pure indoor air quality environments for a rejuvenating home. In humid climates, basements are an area that is usually “damp” and fosters mold and mildew. We transform this unhealthy area into a high quality living space, resulting in an allergen and toxin free "healthy home" that is rejuvenating. Our patent pending system harnesses the earth’s natural energy through “earth coupling.” 

We do this by encapsulating and ventilating a subterranean structure / basement, with a simple air to air heat exchanger (ERV) that runs in tandem with a whole home fresh-air ventilation system. Our Basement Energy System produces geothermal heating and cooling for the entire house, satisfying the Federal government’s requirement for you to receive a 30% renewable energy tax credit.

For example, in the summer the incoming 95 degree outside air for the cost of electricity of a 60 watt light bulb, the air becomes the temperature of the earth (approximately 60 degrees), and in the winter 10 degree in-coming outside air, become the temperature of the earth (approximately 50 degrees). The final benefit is that we are removing all of the contaminants of the home envelope, and replacing with fresh air 24 / 7. We recycle with a second ERV the exiting (house temperature) air and exchanging it with the fresh incoming air, which is within a few degrees of the desired living temperature. All of this is done with the fan power equivalent cost of just a single 120 watt light bulb.

The new change in the home building industry, due to the rising cost of energy and the "tightening up" of our homes to save money, is creating unhealthful living environments. Moisture caused by “Dew Point” inside of your basement from high summer humidity and a cool basement structure, can become very unhealthy. The traditional solution is to increase dehumidification, causing over cooling and excess energy use. In a response to the issues associated with indoor air qualities, and energy conservation, the concept of a "home as a system," has been adopted as the new approach advocated by the leading building science professionals of today.  The traditional home is now becoming more air tight, and very well insulated, which are the fundamental principles of a "Passive House."  

This is not an active system that requires pumps, valves, and chemicals, but a “Passive” system that transfers energy with the new ERV fresh air ventilation system of your home.

Klas Haglid our mechanical engineer who did the technical engineering for the Bardwell residence, holds over 300 patents, and is the world leader in energy recovery ventilation. Klas says, “There is a balance between excellence in building envelopes and HVAC optimization, and we do this with computer algorithms”. The computer modeling energy data of the basement energy system, shows that the basement geo-cavity of the Bardwell house gets this amazing performance by using geothermal pre-tempering of outside air or cooling the internal air with the thermal mass in the floor and walls of the basement from the special under the floor ventilation system than can for a period of time provide up to 1.52 tons of geothermal mass cooling. Typically, the HVAC system for a house of this size would normally be 5 tons, but with the high efficiency building envelope, basement geo-cavity thermal preconditioning, and Klas’s energy recovery unit (an heat exchanger or energy recovery device to precondition outdoor air with exhaust air) the HVAC system can be replace with a unit under a single ton or with a ¼ ton dedicated dehumidifier system that will not have to run very often.  In addition, to amplify the dehumidification by another 80%, using a direct counter flow energy recovery unit, the patent device delivers dehumidification reduction in the order of one dollar spent to three dollars saved. 

Our system does many things a geothermal well does not. It incorporates a fresh air ventilation system ERV, that removes Seasonal Allergy pollen, Indoor Air Pollution, such as, adhesives, upholstery, carpeting, manufactured wood products, cleaning agents and pesticides may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde, and Biological Contaminants, such as, mold, pet dander, dust mites and bacteria develop in humid areas of your home can cause chronic and acute health effects, contributing to a unhealthful living environment.

Current Government Tax Credits incentives for solar and geothermal systems, has inspired the geo-cavity / whole home ventilation system. Your existing home's basement, can now become an energy producer creating a return on investment (ROI), by the utility bill savings each month. In addition, your moldy and damp basement, can now becomes a radon free, healthful quality space, adding to the equity of your home.

Basement Energy is waiting beneath the 102 million homes that exist in the United States alone, and if we can capture only a small portion of this, we can greatly contribute to the growing energy shortage and carbon emission challenges facing the sustainability of our children's future.

We like "Wet" Basements for the summer evaporation cooling effect.

Basement before and after                                                             

                                                    Living / Dining before and after

                                      Minimal Maintenance of Air Filter Cleaning Only

Client Testimonial Letter                                                                  

       Pg 2.

                            Typical Wall Framing                                       Air Sealing
Concrete Slab over Geo-Cavity

                                Top of Geo-Cavity
Manifold Return

Wall Cavity to Floor Detail
                                   1" Air Space

                                  First Panel Installed
         Concrete Slab over Insulated Basement Energy Panel                                     Panel Layout
Whole Home Ventilation Integrated into Hi-Velocity HVAC

                     We pride ourselves in the unseen work
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Skip Bennett Engineering Contractor / Inventor
Jimmy Wright Energy Architect / Inventor

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