Case Study Home # 7

Earth Coupling Passive House

 Geo-Solar Hybrid “Home as a System”
"The Old Yellow House" Orinda, California

The oldest "Net Zero" home in the world Built in 1890

How Home Geo-Solar Eco Systems Work 

The potential for historical preservation by ventilating very old structures replacing the infiltration (air leakage), standard for building health and preservation. We can now allow historical dwellings to become energy efficient. "We are particularly excited about old historic buildings."  The Old Yellow House, currently a historic landmark home in California that we have renovated to passive house standards, as well as exceeding the Net Zero status.  Actually, this 1890 six bedroom residence will become a Net Positive dwelling producing excess power for its future guest house or electric vehicle.

When a “Basement Energy System” is placed in series with a Passive House energy recovery ventilation system, it requires no additional power to operate. Passive houses consumes 90% less energy that typical homes. With this Geo-Solar hybrid “home as a system,” we predict performance to be close to 95% annual energy reduction. 

This earth / geo air conditioning based on the calculations from the energy modeling program, shows no cooling required. In fact with night time and periods of cooler weather, the system can over cool, allowing the thermal mass to fly wheel or drift for an extended period of time during sweltering hot muggy weather, therefore never requiring cooling, only humidification, which is handled by the innovative well water evaporative cooler. The cooling contribution, by the earth tempering of the air, the hybrid PV/Ta solar collector with adjoining thermal storage, enables the entire cost of the system to qualify for the federal energy 30% tax credit.