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About Netrosoft Services

    Netrosoft Services is a free group of services, provided to the public by Netrosoft Corporation, in order to give users a look and feel for Netrosoft products, absolutely free. Services include email, calendar, documents, sites, contact, moderator, code, and mobile support for all services (please note that not all mobile phones are supported at this time). Services are free; Netrosoft will NOT ACCEPT payment of any kind to improve services, other than donations. However, the Netrosoft Sites service is an exception.
Netrosoft Mail
    By using Netrosoft Mail, one can create, send, and receive emails using the latest technology provided by Netrosoft. Netrosoft Mail is a sub-service within Netrosoft Services and is absolutely free. Change the appearance of your inbox to match your taste with pre-defined themes, or, choose your own colors. Netrosoft Mail uses the latest and most advanced technologies to provide the most up-to-date services, including POP3 and advanced spam filters.
Netrosoft Calendar
    By using Netrosoft Calendar, one can create and customize their own calendar(s). Organize your calendar based on what you would like, you can even share it with others (of course, it can be private). Create and organize events and features included allow users to even remind themselves via mobile phone, email, or internet popups.
Netrosoft Documents
    By using Netrosoft Documents, one can easily create documents of many kinds, including text, presentations, spreadsheets, and even forms. Documents can be downloaded with specific file formats, and can also be kept private or shared with others.
Netrosoft Sites
    By using Netrosoft Sites, one can easily create their own website as easily as 1-2-3. Click "Create Site" and follow the instructions on your screen to get started. No technological knowledge is required---its as simple as editing a document on the computer. Even adjut security settings such as who can see it, who can edit it, and many others (sites can also be made public). With Netrosoft Sites, users may reserve a subdomain for their own website, for a low fee, payed monthly. The fee is $5.00/month/website, and may be payed only in cash or by check. This does not mean the service costs to use, it is only for those who wish to have a subdomain reserved for themselves. For example, instead of a personal website hosted at [http://sites.netrosoft.co.cc/your-site-name/], a user can pay the above fee and have it hosted at [http://your-site-name.netrosoft.co.cc]. Certain exclusions apply: users may not reserve the following: SUPPORT, WWW, ADMINISTRATOR, CONTROL, and PANEL. All other names are accepted--if you wish to reserve a name, please be sure it is not currently in use by typing in the name into your URL address bar of your web browser. Otherwise, the service is free, subdomain is optional.
Netrosoft Code and Netrosoft Moderator
    Netrosoft Code and Netrosoft Moderator are two new services, still in experimental mode---provided by Netrosoft Laboratories. As stated, the services are NOT INTENDED TO BE COMPLETELY STABLE, therefore, the services may be removed, added, and/or disabled at anytime without notice to users. If any of the services become stable enough to keep permanently, the "NEROSOFT LABORATORIES" label will be removed.