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SirenMaster 3000

SirenMaster 3000 is currently in development.
Release date is to be announced


    The all-new SirenMaster 3000 introduces new sirens, yelps, warnings, and graphics. The SirenMaster 3000 introduces three new sirens, warnings, 2 yelps and a hi-lo tone. In addition, it features four unique horns, 6 megaphones, and a selection of pre-recorded sounds of firearms. The SirenMaster 3000 was designed primarily to help reduce the cost emergency service agencies spend on sirens. The average cost of a siren box can reach up to $400 per box; the SirenMaster 3000 introduces the ability to serve a replacement box, instead costing up to only $30. Law Enforcement Agencies, and Emergency Service Departments can also get discounts to help cut costs even further.

There are two primary editions of SirenMaster 3000; Standard Edition, and Professional Edition. The Standard Edition is equipped with 2 sirens, 1 yelp, 1 hi-lo tone, 2 warnings, 2 horns, 2 megaphones, and 2 firearms. The Professional Edition is equipped with 3 sirens, 3 warnings, 2 yelps, hi-lo tone, 4 horns, 2 federal signal sirens, 6 megaphones, and 4 firearms.