Google Apps for Business Chromebook 

Robert E. del Sol
"We architect cloud-based solutions with Clarity,
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    FREEDOM! From IT Servitude & Equipment Obsolescence

Vanish IT enslavement. Stop paying for skyrocketing IT costs, servers, routers,  equipment and pesky tech-staff that eat your profits. With Google Apps For Business you can be a part of the largest, safest and most secure network on the planet for less! I'll show you how

FREEDOM! From Software Licenses, Upgrades, Spam, Viruses or Hackers 

No more expensive upgrades, patches and costly fees for commercial software. No more viruses or email spam. 
With Google Apps For Business you can collaborate with your team, customers and vendors in a real-time, secure, easy-to-use environment. I'll show you how. 

    FREEDOM! From The Desktop

Untether your business! Empower your employees! Say goodbye to the wire! Your office can now truly be anywhere. Free your work-force from the confines of "the dreaded cubicle". Increase their productivity while reducing your overhead. You can make it happen with Google Apps For Business & Chromebooks! I'll show you how.