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ICT Entrepreneurship 2010-2011

posted Dec 8, 2010, 7:51 AM by Paulus Schoutsen   [ updated Dec 8, 2010, 8:03 AM ]

Have you seen the movie “The Social Network?” Have you ever wondered how a billion dollar company like Facebook got started? Do you know how many millionaires started out with just a simple idea, a piece of paper or an outdated computer borrowed from their parents? If your answers to these questions above are no or even yes, let us tell you our answer: “We have no idea!” But what we do know is that these people were not much different from us. Young, ambitious, enthusiastic and desperately wanting to see their ideas come to life.

Having trouble analyzing your research and finding participants? OnderzoekNU is there to assist. Having trouble trying to sell more products and get more customers? 12Refer might just the one tool you need. Being an animal lover? FellowPet can help you to show your love even more. A fashion upset? Not being able to decide if you should wear those half-pink, half-orange pants on your first date? Let’s ask others for their opinions via FashionScore. Having complaints about your site not being readable on an iPhone? Site2phone will absolutely be your solution. But, who are they?

These are just five of the thirteen teams participating in the ICT Entrepreneurship course this year. Eight other evenly eager teams are left to be introduced in the next article. ICT Entrepreneurship this year has 41 participants with a great number of innovative ideas. Thirteen of these ideas have been selected and thirteen new companies have been founded. Together they formed three business units namely BeOne, CUBB and Mobilis. Together they are learning, cooperating and fully functioning like a professional enterprise. This all has one final goal: knowing what it entails to become a successful entrepreneur. Welcome to Utrecht University, ICT Entrepreneurship 2010-2011!

Duc Tuan, Nguyen (Jinn) – December, 2010