What kind of help can I get from the Writing Center?
Everything that you're willing to give. The tutors are trained to help you learn--they will help you with your writing areas that demand the most concern, and they will show you how to avoid problems in the future.

Can I just drop off my paper for corrections?

The tutors won't do your work for you--so don't drop off an essay for corrections. You will learn how to write effectively by doing the work--the tutors will be your guides. Read aloud, ask questions, and try to solve problems on your own; the tutors will help you come to the answers. It's all about the learning process!

Where are you located?
You can find us in the Frick Center in room #229.

Do you only tutor English Composition?

By no means! Anything having to do with the English language: research papers in your education classes, reading comprehension, even speech writing and practice!

Can you tell me what grade I'll get on this paper?

Nope. We are not able to assess your paper formally. Although we won't say whether your paper is in the A or B range, we will help you develop your paper so that it reaches higher levels of success. Receiving a better grade because of tutoring is only second to our main goal - helping you become a better writer.

How long do tutoring sessions last?

Typically, tutoring sessions last for 30 minutes. Tutors find that after 30 minutes of a solid session unnecessary repetition begins to set it. Tutoring sessions can be taxing (but always beneficial)!