A Call for Tutors


We welcome applications from any undergraduate student of Elmhurst College, sophomore standing or higher. Don’t worry if you aren't an English major – we welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.


Although you will be paid for your work at the Writing Center, the real benefit is the experience you’ll receive. Hours are flexible to fit nearly any schedule!


If you are interested in becoming a tutor, the best thing to do is to work hard to keep a solid GPA (particularly in your English composition classes).

When you ask professors for reference letters, be sure they can speak about your abilities as a writer.

To apply, simply click here to download an application (or click the large button below!)


The Writing Center is located in room #229 of the Frick Center, in the Southeast corner of the main floor near the Student Activity office.


As a tutor, not only will you help students further develop their skills as writers, you will also enhance your own skills as well.

You will also get the opportunity to work with a great community of fellow tutors in an engaging environment.