The group Friends of Newbury Elementary School was formed in 2009 with the support and encouragement of the administration, teachers, and staff. For the latest  on FoNES news and activities please visit our Facebook page by clicking here.


Who we are: At the moment, we are a small group of parents who feel that there should be more community involvement and investment in the Newbury Elementary School students and educational programs.


The purpose:  This group was created to build connections between the school and the community by incorporating teachers, parents, community members and volunteers into the fabric of NES. 


Goals of this group are:

·             Identify volunteer resources in the community.

·             Build connections between the community and the school.

·             Demonstrate community investment in the school and in student learning.

·             Educate the community about the school programs.

·             Develop a core of volunteers willing to help the Newbury Elementary School in a variety of ways.

·             Enhance the educational experience of the students by raising money for special programs, equipment and materials that would not otherwise be available through the operating budget.


This organization is just getting started and could use your help! The amount of good we are able to do depends on the number of parents, community members and volunteers we have to help us.  Please fill out our survey that is available at the school, and then return it back to the school office.  Look for information in the Friday Flash about meeting dates for the Friends of Newbury Elementary School. You may also call the school directly to find out how you can help and other ways you can participate.   Please feel free email us at fones@nesvt.org with any questions as well! Or visit our Facebook page, thanks!