Speech, Language, & Communication Services

Looking for ideas to help your child maintain his/her speech and language skills over the summer break?

Check out the Summer Calendars for each area posted at the links below!

If you require additional information, please feel free to contact your SLP.

-Nipawin Area:

Dayna O'Driscoll - odriscoll.dayna@nesd.ca

    • Carrot River Elementary School
    • Carrot River High School
    • L.P. Miller Comprehensive School
    • Central Park Elementary School (Kindergarten, Grade 2, and Grade 3)

Rachele Kendrick - kendrick.rachele@nesd.ca

    • Central Park Elementary School (Pre-Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 3)
    • Wagner Elementary School
    • White Fox School
    • Arborfield School

-Tisdale Area:

Kristin Willerton - willerton.kristin@nesd.ca

    • Tisdale Elementary School
    • Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
    • Star City School
    • Hudson Bay Community School

Meaghan Bell - bell.meaghan@nesd.ca

    • Tisdale Elementary School
    • Bjorkdale School
    • Porcupine Plain Comp.
    • Hudson Bay Community School

-Melfort Area:

Tenille Johnson - johnson.tenille@nesd.ca

    • Brunswick School
    • Maude Burke Elementary School
    • William Mason School

Katelyn Archdekin - archdekin.katelyn@nesd.ca

      • Reynolds Central School
      • Melfort & Unit Comprehensive Collegiate
      • Naicam School
      • Gronlid School