RTAP BOUND:  Last month, Frank Thomas (our Transit Manager based out of Union County) was named to the National RTAP Review Board.  National RTAP is a program of the Federal Transit Administration that provides tools, studies and technical assistance to rural and tribal public transportation programs all over the country.  They offer both the content and forum for small providers to learn (and share) best practices and avoid common pitfalls.  Frank's first meeting will be in late April in Washington DC.

PUBLIC PROCESSES:  There are multiple public processes on the horizon - please check back regularly for details...

Baker County Paratransit Policy:  Staff is working on an update to the Baker County ADA Paratransit Policy.  A support page with preliminary content, public comment and a list of public events will be coming shortly.

Union County Disposition:  Our Union County Office anticipates opening a public disposition process for a retired vehicle.  At the time of this publication the asset is in Legacy Capital - where it may be transferred to another local mobility provider.  If there are no takers we'll be going public in mid March.  A support page with process details has been posted.

Union County RFP - Consulting:  Our Union County Office anticipates a Request for Proposals in early March for a consulting firm that will help us make the business case for local support of the Rides to Wellness program - please see our project support page.  Ads will break in The Observer beginning March 16, 2016.

Union County RFP - Custodial Services:  Our Union County Office anticipates a Request for Proposals from firms interested in providing custodial services at the Public Transit Building in La Grande.  Specifications are presently under development.  Staff hopes to publish a support page to coincide with advertising in The Observer near the end of March.

REWRITE:  We're in the process of COMPLETELY retooling this web site (including moving it to a new host).  The transfer should be pretty transparent but if you notice the site doing something odd, please drop us an email.