Brandon Garrett

Kathy Helbert, Brandon Garrett, and Toni Donigan

Message to the Class:  Please make sure you have your gym suit each day.  When you don't dress out, you  receive a "0" for that day in P.E.  Please take your gym suit home and wash it each week and be sure to bring it back on Monday.  We have given each student a lock and locker so that they are able to keep their belongings secure.  When you are in health, it is your responsibility to have your homework with you when you come to class.  Please remember to come prepared for class.  


Gym Lockers

 We have given out locks to every student and we have given gym suits to those students that purchased them.  We supply a master lock to each student.  It is their responsibility to keep up with the lock for the school year.  If they misplace it, we will issue them a second lock for $2.00.  If the missing lock does not turn up by the end of the year, the replacement cost is $5.00.  Most of our students are very responsible and keep up with their belongings.  Please encourage your child to be responsible.



Each class will spend one out of every three weeks in health.  The rotation will be every 3 weeks, which means that your child will be in health for one week and then PE for two weeks and the rotation will continue throughout the year.  In PE we have been playing football and other field games.  We like to get our classes outside while the weather is nice and allows us to be outside.  



Students who are not bringing their gym suits are receiving 0's for each NO DRESS that they get.  After 3 no dresses, ASD is assigned for every no dress they get.  Not only do they receive ASD, they also are getting 0's for their daily grade.  Please help your child remember to have their gym suit everyday.



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