Tye River Elementary School Room 219

Math Matters
      Our focus for this marking period will be on fractions.  In order to accurately work with fractions, one must have  a good understanding of multiplication and division.  Knowing your multiplication and division facts will help you work more efficiently and accurately. Please continue to work on learning these facts.  Focus on one factor at a time.  Practice it until you learn it.  Continue to use your counting pattern and repeated addition strategies until the facts are memorized.

We've got the "Write" Stuff
    In addition to our regular creative and explanatory writing practice, we will have a strong focus on grammar this marking period.  We will learn about the parts of speech and how they are used in sentence writing.  We will continue to work on learning the basic writing rules for capitalization, punctuation, pronoun agreement, and noun-verb agreement.

    Be sure to supplement the daily reading that we do in class each day with practice at home.  For the next few months, you can earn a free pizza from Pizza Hut through their Book-It program, just by reading at home throughout the month.  Be sure to get your parents to sign the form confirming that you have met your monthly goal.

Virginia - The Colony

        We will learn about the reasons for the colonization of Virginia and the problems that the first settlers had.  We will also learn about the early government of the colony.  Be sure to review terms and facts throughout the marking period.  There is too much information to learn the night before the test.  We were fortunate to have Mr. Prince, an outreach educator from the Jamestown Yorktown to visit with us and share lots of interesting information about life in colonial Jamestown.  His hands-on activities and role-playing made learning about history so fun.