Tye River Elementary School Room 173

Summer News

    I want to thank all of the parents, grandparents, and siblings who helped out our class this year.  You were so kind to help out in the classroom and send treats for parties.  Some of you helped out during special events like our field trip in May.  Most importantly, you gave of your time to check your child's book bag each day and helped them with their homework.  It was really obvious that many of you spent lots of time listening to your child read, reviewing word study words, and reviewing information to prepare for tests.  Your child benefited greatly from this help. 
    Now that summer is here, there won't be any more tests for a while, but your help is still needed.  In the following articles, I am going to give you suggestions about how you can help your child maintain the skills that he/she learned this year and maybe even pick up a few new ones too.

Math Matters
We learned many new math skills this year.  Continue to practice memorizing the addition and subtraction facts to 20.  Knowing these will help you greatly in 3rd grade.  Also practice telling time and counting money any time you get a chance.  Occasionally work on a few addition and subtraction problems that need regrouping.  Practice measuring (and reading) by following recipes to cook up some delicious dishes for your family.  Family members can make up story problems for students to solve like- "If I borrow 3 library books this week, 14 the next week and 10 the next week, how many will I borrow in all?" or "If my piece of watermelon has 15 seeds and my mom's piece has 27 seeds, how many more seeds does my mom's piece have?"
Reading and Writing

    Take some time to read something EVERY day.  Practicing reading is the only way to get to be a better reader.  Use the list of suggested books that I sent home or look for books that you like.  Try to read fiction and non-fiction books.  Visit the public library.  They have a GREAT selection of books that are on your level.  They also have a summer reading program.  You can earn prizes just for reading.  On most Tuesday afternoons the library has a special event for children.  I have also sent home information about how you can earn a free book, just by reading this summer.
    Write something each day too.  You can help your parents by writing grocery lists, reminders, and even "TO DO lists" for family members.  You can write letters and e-mails to friends.  Keep a journal about the things that you do or see this summer.