Inventions and Innovations - 7th Grade Class

Class Duration: 12 weeks

Seventh graders on the Auto Explorations Course.

 This class is designed for 7th graders at Nelson Middle School. Students can pick up to three 12 week exploratories to take during the 7th grade year.  

Given the duration of the class, students can do up to 6 courses or activites.  Those who are new or haven't completed the Introduction to Technology course start there.  Level 1 and level 2 courses and activities available for over 15 choices.


Students doing the CAD Course.

The seventh grade courses have a little more complicated projects and procedures.  For instance, in Rocketry Course, the rocket has balsa fins that have to be sanded and sealed before painting.  The level one project was plastic that didn't require finishing.  

 Some of the new courses or activities are available to the 2nd year student.  These courses or activities are still in development and may or may not have text-to-speech capabilities and all of the bells and whistles the LabVolt courses have.

They can also opt to do special projects at the end of the trimester to help the lab, school, or county.  These can involve computers, video, or other courses/devices in the lab.  

Seventh graders will find that they have more freedom in what they do in the lab.  Along with this freedom will come responsibility to act and work according to what is expected of them.


NMS Technology Educations Lab!
 NCMS Technology Education Lab. 

The Invention Course  is geared toward seventh graders to incorporate the study and practice of doing inventions.  This course involves making a prototype of an invention for a final activity..

Kevin Rose,
May 9, 2012, 7:39 AM