Url Redirector Modified

Please visit our new website>>>  www.nelson.k12.va.us   

If you have difficulty accessing the new site, please clear your cache.
If you need assistance clearing your cache, please email:  khughes@nelson.k12.va.us

Empyting the cache means removing the memory of all sites you have been to.  So, it won't remember the old school site.  
Then when you key in www.nelson.k12.va.us it will then go to the new site.

To empty the cache go to:

-  Customize and Control Google Chrome in your browser Inline image 1(the 3 vertical dots top right in google chrome)
-  Settings
-  Scroll down to Advanced 
- Under Privacy and Security - scroll down to Clear Browsing Data
- On the next screen mark browsing history, download history, cached images and files. cookies and other site data.
- Click Clear Browsing Data

Now try keying in the site:  nelson.k12.va.us and it should take you to our new site.

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