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Have a wonderful summer!
There are lots of great programs at the Nelson Memorial Library each week.  Plan to stop by and get a great book to enjoy.  It is so much fun to have your own library card to use.  All you need to do is ask for a card, sign your name, and start enjoying those books!
Supply list for second grade:
Box of Tissues
Container of Disinfecting Wipes
Box of Quart or Gallon Baggies
Hand Sanitizer
Box of Crayons
Glue Sticks
You may want to have the following items for your own personal use:
Pencil Sharpener
Looking for something fun to do this summer?  Here are a few ideas that always made me happy when I was a kid:
  • Ride your bike
  • Pick blackberries or raspberries (Ask your grandmother or mother to help you make a cobbler with your berries.)
  • Dance on your father's feet
  • Read The Little Red Hen (Then eat some bread because you will be hungry by the end of the story.)
  • Catch lightning bugs, name them, then let them go
  • Go to a church's Vacation Bible School
  • Read an Encyclopedia Brown detective book and try to solve the mystery before Bugs Meany spoils the day
  • Ask your grandmother to sing songs from her childhood (I always liked The Wreck of the Old 97, It Was Sad When That Great Ship Went Down, and My Blue Heaven.)
  • Watch some TV
  • Pick butter beans
  • Paint your room orange (Ask before you do this!)
  • Eat a banana with your grandfather
  • Wade in the creek with your cousins
  • Run through a sprinkler with your sister
  • Challenge your brothers to a game of croquet
  • Ask your mom to teach you to make Brown Betties (They are made with apples, sugar, cinnamon, and bread.)