The library media program strives to cultivate in our students the "desire to know".  We work to help students engage in information seeking behavior, developing skills to discover, to understand, and to use the vast body of information available to them.  We hope that our students will embrace the power and responsibility that accompanies knowledge.  We also promote the joy of reading and guide our students to become life-long learners.


Print Materials

Students have access to about 9,500 fiction and non-fiction books.  The media center also subscribes to 16 popular and academic periodicals which may be viewed in the media center.


The library has a small collection of Playaway audiobooks for student checkout.  See the Playaway checkout policy below.


The NMS library now has Follett ebooks for students to check out. The ebooks are checked out within the Destiny Library Catalog and can be read on a computer or other device with internet access. Students can check out one ebook at a time and keep it for two weeks. Ask Ms. Gheen for more information.

Reference Services

The media center has traditional print reference materials including encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and almanacs. A 16-computer lab provides access to digital and online reference materials. Students should take advantage of FindIt Virginia, the Reference Resources webpage, and the district's subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition.  Ms. Gheen, librarian, is available to assist users with researching and using reference sources.

Technology Services

Teachers can check out laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, iPads, iPods, document cameras, CD/Cassette players, microphones, headphones, and other classroom technology resources. The media center also provides CD/DVD recording services, cable television programming services, technology repair and troubleshooting, and technology instruction. Students may use certain technology resources in the media center or under teacher supervision.  Some devices, including the Flip Video Cameras, may be checked out overnight by students.

Destiny Library Online Catalog

Teachers and students can access the NMS library catalog online. To view the catalog at school, use this link: http://ncps-destiny/common/welcome.jsp?site=102
From all other locations (home, public library, etc.), use this link: destiny.nelson.k12.va.us

There is now a smart phone/tablet app for the library catalog!  Download the Destiny Quest App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Set up the app using this URL: destiny.nelson.k12.va.us.  Contact Ms. Gheen if you need help.

Media Center Hours

The media center is currently open 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM on school days. Special closings and extended hours will be posted in the media center.

Borrowing Procedures


  • Students may check out non-fiction and fiction books for two week periods.
  • Students may renew books by bringing them into the media center.
  • Students are limited to 3 items at a time.
  • Students with overdue items may not check out new materials.
  • Lost or damaged items must be paid for before students can check out new items.
  • Students with books more than 2 weeks overdue may be asked to serve lunch detention until the book is returned.
Playaways & Audiobooks Checkout Policy
  • Students may check out one audiobook at a time, if the student has no overdue books. Playaways may be checked out for one week and may not be renewed.
  • Students may use their own headphones/earbuds or purchase $1 earbuds from the library.
  • Playaways use one AAA battery, which the library will replace when necessary. Students should not attempt to replace the battery, but notify library staff if the battery is low or the Playaway stops working.
  • If a Playaway is lost or damaged, the student who checked it out is responsible for the full cost of the device. Price varies by title, but most Playaways cost about $50.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff have unlimited check out privileges. All items are due at the end of the school year. Unlimited borrowing privileges do not extend to technology resources – see Ms. Gheen for details.

Overdue Fines

  • 1 day grace period
  • 5¢ per day per book
  • $1.00 per day for Playaways, netbooks, Flip Video cameras, and reference materials
  • Maximum fine is $1.00 per book and $3.00 for all other materials
  • Fines can only be accumulated for days the media center is open.
Any student who owes more than $3.00 may not check out new items until the debt has been paid. Exceptions made be made depending on the situation.

Paying Fines

  • Fines must be paid in cash, not personal check or credit card.
  • Students may “Read Off” their fines in lieu of paying cash.

“Read Off” Procedures

  • Students must sign the “Read Off” log at the circulation desk.
  • Students must read a book in the library in the presence of library staff. The student must read a book approved by the library staff.
  • Students earn a 1¢ credit for every minute of reading. For example, if a student reads for 10 minutes, 10¢ of his/her fine will be waived.
  • Students can “Read Off” any time the library is open, including during lunch. Students must have a pass to the library to “Read Off” a fine during class.
  • Students can not “Read Off” fines in advance (fines that do not yet exist).
All fine money collected will be used to purchase new library materials.