MLA Citation

    These are a few of the most common types of citations for your Works Cited page.  As always, ask your teacher or Ms. Gheen if you need help.

    Remember: If you are using Britannica Online or another database, look for the citation written for you.  Just copy and paste it into your Works Cited page. has a great online tool for recording the information you need for a website citation. 

    Citing an Entire Website

        Title of the Site. Date site was last updated or copyright date. Name of Sponsoring Institution.
            Date of Access (today’s date) <URL>.


        The History Channel. 2008. A&E Television Networks. 5 May 2009 <>.

    Helpful Hint: Look at the bottom of the web page for copyright information - this will give you the date updated and name of sponsoring institution.

    Citing a single Page or Document from a Website

        Author. “Title of Page or Document.” Title of the Site. Date site was updated or copyright date.
            Name of Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access (today’s date) <URL>. 

        Example with an author: 

        Shields, Jacqueline. “Sonderkommando.” Jewish VirtualLibrary. 2009. American-
             Isreali Cooperative Enterprise . 23 Feb. 2009 <

         Example without an author: 

        “Cinco de Mayo.” The History Channel. 2008.  A&E Television Networks. 5 May 2009

    Citing a Book

        Author. Title of Book. City of Publication : Publisher, Year. 


        Bartel, Judy. The Holocaust: A Primary Source History. Pleasantville , NY : Gareth Stevens
             Publishing, 2006.

    Helpful Hint: Look for publishing information on the title page or the copyright page behind the title page.

    Citing a print Encyclopedia

        Author of Article (if given). "Title of Article." Title of Book. Year.


        "McDonald, James R. "France." Compton's by Britannica. 2005.

    Helpful Hint: Look for the article author at the bottom of the page or at the end of the article.  However, most articles do not have a specific author and you can skip to the "Title of Article."

    Citing a Magazine Article

        Author. “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine. Date: page(s). 


        Brown, Robbie. “Language Barriers.” Upfront. 16 March 2009: 14-15.

    Helpful Hint: If you find the magazine article online, you need to cite it differently.  See Ms. Gheen for more citation help.