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Faculty/Staff Directory

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Administrative Office Staff
Dunnick, Roger                   Principal
Garrett, Brandon                 Assistant Principal
Lawhorne, Sharon               Bookkeeper
Massie, Tara                       Receptionist/Secretary

Guidance Office Staff
Perry, Ricki                         Guidance Counselor
Hylton, Lavider                    Guidance Secretary

Media Center
Beeler, Shelli                       School Librarian
Hunt, Anne                          Library Assistant

Sixth Grade
Galloway, Susan                 Life Science
Haines-Johnson, Mary        Language Arts 6
Jones, Holly                         Language Arts 6
Leake, Amy                         Math 6
Schilling, Emily                    US History I 
Schoener, Matt                    US History I and Life Science
Williams, Billy                      Math 6 and Advanced 6/7 Math

Seventh Grade
Bateman, Susan                  Pre-Algebra 7
Bibb, Doris                           Language Arts 7
Elliott, Safia                          US History II
Martin, Amanda                    Language Arts 7
McCray, Tammy                   Physical Science
Oliver, Laurie                        Pre-Algebra 7
Parsley, Kallan                     US History II   
Schilling, Emily                    US History II
Szeman, Jessica                  Physical Science

Eighth Grade
Churchman, Wesley            Pre-Algebra 8 and Honors Geometry
Elliott, Safia                         Civics
Largen, Karen                      Language Arts 8
Lawrence, Jessica               Language Arts 8
Price, Beth                           Algebra I
Rauss, Howell                     Civics
Schoener, Lisa                    Science 8
Szeman, Jessica                 Science 8

Armstrong, Jackie                Family and Consumer Sciences
Chambers, Michael             Physical Education
Davis, Laurie                        Art
Donigan, Toni                      Physical Education
Goff, Lauren                        Agricultural Sciences
Helbert, Kathy                     Physical Education
Kershner, Philip                   Chorus and General Music
Mayo, Stephanie                 Consumer Applications/Keyboarding
Powell, Joyce                      Band and World Drumming
Onderdonk, Owen               Technology Education

Special Education
Armstrong, John                  6th and 7th grades
Baron-Stump, Kathy            6th and 8th grades
Bryant, Jennifer                   6th, 7th, and 8th grades
Kist, Erin                              Speech Therapist
Mays, Vickie                        Gifted Coordinator
Retan, Hunter                      7th and 8th grades
Viar, Sarah                           Adaptive Curriculum Teacher

                                             School Nurse