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Staff Directory

Armstrong, Jackie                US History II and Civics
Armstrong, John                  Special Education
Beeler, Shelli                       School Librarian
Bibb, Doris                           Language Arts 7
Bryant, Jennifer                   Special Education
Byrd, Darius                         ISS
Chambers, Michael             Physical Education
Churchman, Wesley            Pre-Algebra 8 and Honors Geometry
Coleman, Gail                      Special Education
Davis, Laurie                        Art
Donigan, Toni                      Physical Education
Dunnick, Roger                   Principal
Elliott, Safia                         Language Arts 8 and Spanish I
Fulcher, Cindy                     Pre-Algebra 7 and 8
Galloway, Susan                 Life Science
Garrett, Brandon                 Dean of Students
Goff, Lauren                        Agricultural Sciences
Haines-Johnson, Mary        Language Arts 6
Hayes, Roland                     Family and Consumer Sciences
Helbert, Kathy                     Physical Education
Hunt, Anne                          Library Assistant
Hylton, Lavider                    Guidance Secretary
Jones, Holly                         Language Arts 6
Kershner, Philip                   Chorus and General Music
Largen, Karen                      Language Arts 8
Lawhorne, Sharon               Bookkeeper
Lawrence, Jessica               Science 7 and 98
Leake, Amy                         Math 6
Martin, Amanda                   Language Arts 8
Massie, Tara                       Receptionist/Secretary
Mayo, Stephanie                 Consumer Applications/Keyboarding
Mays, Vickie                        Gifted Coordinator
McCray, Tammy                  Physical Science
Meader, Meghan                 Guidance Counselor
Oliver, Laurie                       Pre-Algebra 7
Onderdonk, Owen               Technology Education
Parsley, Kallan                    US History II
Powell, Joyce                      Band and World Drumming
Price, Beth                          Algebra I
Rauss, Howell                     Civics
Schilling, Emily                    US History I
Schoener, Lisa                    Science 8
Schoener, Matt                    US History I and Life Science
Shortt, Meghan                    Special Education
                                             School Nurse
Szeman, Jessica                  Special Education
Williams, Billy                      Math 6