Welcome to Second Grade

Have a wonderful summer exploring the world around you!

Visit the Nelson County Public Library.
    Get your own library card.
    Join the fun programs available during the summer at the library.
    Check out books and READ, READ, READ.

Explore your yard.
    List the number of living and nonliving things that you can find around your house.
    Try experiments with erosion.
    Chart the weather for one week.
    Make a graph of temperature for one month.
    Create your own shadow clock so you can tell the time when you are playing outside.

Practice fast facts in addition, subtraction and multiplication while riding in the car.
    Look at the numbers on the license plate of the car ahead of you and create a math problem using those numbers.
    Follow a recipe to make a dessert or snack for the family. Practice measuring and using fractions.
Help plan a family trip using a road map.
    Figure out the distance to the place that you will be traveling.
    Use a watch to figure out how much longer it will be until you arrive at your destination (rather than constantly asking your parents
          "How much longer do we have to travel?"

Keep a daily journal of your summer experiences. Write at least one sentence a day.
    Think of a question that you have. Use the computer and the library to explore the answer.

Play board games with your family.

Find some ways to make your community a better place.
    Help pick up litter.
    Assist a neighbor by doing a task.
    Complete your chores before your parents have to remind you.

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