Welcome to the Athletic Training Web Page for Nelson County High School!!
Licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Medicine to Practice Athletic Training
Certified by the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification (NATABOC)
Member of the National Athletic Trainers' Assoication (NATA)
Member of the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers' Association (MAATA)
Member of the Virginia Athletic Trainers' Assoication (VATA)
American Red Cross: BLS Instructor (Basic Life Support)
American Heart Association:  Healthcare Provider Certification (CPR, AED, First Aid)
**Mr. Lilley is available during G Block for Student/Athlete Injury Evaluations/Treatments/Rehabilitations & Provides Athletic Training Services for all HOME JV & VARSITY Interscholastic Events**
**(Travels only with Varsity Football)**
The Nelson County High School (NCHS) Athletic Training Program was established in 1997. The program was designed to provide quality sports injury health care.  The NCHS Athletic Training Program has 1 Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) position for Nelson County High School's Interscholastic JV and VARSITY Athletic Programs. The Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer in NCHS is committed to providing quality Student/Athlete Health Care for all of JV and VARISTY student/athletes.
The NCHS Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer works closely with all area physicians in an effort to continue to provide the finest care possible to each NCHS student athlete.
The Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) at NCHS strives to establish trusting relationships with the athletes, coaching staff, parents, and the medical community. These relationships depend on effective communication between all parties involved, and a commitment to do what’s best for the athletes. This demonstrates that the Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer in NCHS is committed to providing quality care to each student/athlete.


  • Prevention of injuries resulting from physical activity
  • Recognition, evaluation, and assessment of injuries and conditions resulting from physical activity
  • Immediate care of injuries resulting from physical activity
  • Rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries resulting from physical activity
  • Organization and administration
  • Professional development and responsibility

A typical day for a NCHS Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer begins in the classroom. In the time between G block and practice, the ATC must provide evaluations of injuries to athletes to determine a safe participation status, preventative bracing and taping, and rehabilitative/reconditioning therapy to any athlete with an injury. Athletes who are not able to participate in practice or contests are monitored while they complete their rehabilitation program. The ATC works with the athlete's treating physician to carry out any rehabilitative therapy prescribed. The ATC must also be prepared to deal with those injuries that occur throughout each practice or contest. Finally, the ATC is responsible for monitoring and instructing students interested in the athletic training profession and being the Student Athletic Training Aid/Assistant Club sponsor.