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                                          6th Grade Language Art Syllabus

1st Fiction

Students will read and comprehend a variety of fictional texts. The elements of narrative structure and analysis of figurative language and imagery will be emphasized both in short stories and novels. 

2ndShakespeare: Classic Literature and Performance

Students will participate in a special unit designed to address our fiction, poetry, and research standards.  They will read several young people’s versions of the play Macbeth in preparation for work with a guest theatre artist.  Students will work together on the different aspects of putting on a play and stage a performance of 8 edited scenes using Shakespeare’s language.  Emphasis is placed on process and not the final product.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in a field trip to the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, Virginia, at the end of the unit.

3rd Poetry

Students will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of poetry both contemporary and classic.  Emphasis is placed on recognizing poetic forms and types of figurative language, as well as poetic elements.

4th Non Fiction

Students will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of nonfiction texts to include biographies, autobiographies, news articles, and informative selections.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding patterns of organization and the text structures used in nonfiction.

5th Media Literacy

Students will learn about the elements of media literacy.  They will analyze messages for characteristics and effectiveness.  Students will also craft and publish their own media message.

6th Folk Literature and SOL Review of Skills

Students will read and comprehend a variety of folk literature.  Time will also be spent reviewing topics and skills needed for success on the state assessment.


Writings will be incorporated into each unit of study.  Students will write descriptions, narratives, and poetry.  They will also write for the purpose of exposition and persuasion.


Students are expected to read for at pleasure at least 20 minutes every day and have a book at all times to read in class.  Teachers will  help students find appropriate reading material on their independent reading level.  Remember, reading like any other skill, just takes practice! Please support your child by providing reading material that is on their level, asking them about what they are reading, or sitting down and enjoying a good book together. 


Grades are derived from a variety of different measures to include homework, classwork, quizzes, tests, projects, and presentations.  We encourage you to look at the Parent Portal frequently to monitor your child’s progress.

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