Cast list


Announcer- Tucker Bruguiere


Velma- Olivia Johnson

Understudy Jasper Harker

Roxie-Ludi Avagyan

Understudy Rylie Baum

Billy- Timmy McFadden

Understudy Patrick Saunders

Amos- Ryan Adcock

Understudy John Saunders

Mama- Gracie Harris

Understudy Haley Cline

Mary Sunshine- Marynan Layton

Understudy Cleo Hill


Cell Block:

Mona- Rylie Baum

Understudy Enid Barragan


June-Madelyn Cooper

Understudy Danielle Perry


Hunyak- Jasper Harker

Understudy Kaya Winsheimer


Liz-Haley Wade

Understudy Zoe Ogilvie


Annie-Lily Gates

Understudy Anna Dolleris


Featured  Female Dancers:

Danielle Perry                      Anna Dolleris           Zoe Ogilvie    Zoe Wood

Raelyn McGarry      Kaya Winsheimer               Ceildh MacRae

                        Enid Barragan         Willow Crocker                   Mhairi MacRae


Go-to-Hell Kitty- Cleo Hill

Understudy- Raelyn McGarry

Court Clerk- Abby Leverone

Judge- Tucker Bruguiere

Sergeant Fogarty- Talesin Zawahordny

Fred Casely- Patrick Saunders

Understudy- Joseph Shannon

Aaron- Thomas Cundiff

Martin Harrison- Kenny Shumate

Harry- John Saunders

Speaking Juror- Grace Garvey

Doctor-Matthew Gentry

Baliff- Delia Shepard

Second Reporter- Logan Goodwin

Third Reporter- Emmet Danley

Harry’s Girlfriends- Abby Leverone, Sydney Armstrong, Celia Hines


Roxie’s Boys:

Devon Cousins                           Ian Strong                      Joseph Shannon

John Saunders          Patrick Saunders                           Thomas Cundiff


Press/Nightclub patrons/Ensemble:


               Haley Cline                     Dillon Clarkson              Matthew Gentry             Adam Clair

Delany Bias                     Elizabeth Sites                Meredith Mawyer          Delia Shepard

Hannah Johnson          MaKayla Fowler             Griselda Vasquez           Alexis Bragg               Chelsey Martin               Tabitha Napier               Kaleen Copson               Olivia Layton   

Olivia Villavicencio                    Karsen Mayo                   

Victoria Saunders          Erin Adcock                     Victoria VanHout          Maddie Wood


Male  Vocal Ensemble (Velma takes the stand)

Logan Goodwin              Noah Staten     Emmet Danley               John Saunders

Kenny Shumate             Adam Clair                       Thomas Cundiff             Talesin Zawaharodny


If you know that you are not going to be a part of the show, please email Mrs. Driver know over break so she can fill your part, regardless which part it is.

First rehearsal will be our first day back! Be prepared to do a read-thru!

Measure for Measure 2016

Measure for Measure 2016 

March 10-12, 2017

                                                                                                                The Miser, A French Melodrama Fall 2015

Mrs. Diana Driver ddriver@nelson.k12.va.us     Located in the old Auditorium Room 106




Intro to Drama
A basic introduction to theatre arts. Memorization and reading are required.
The Darling Family from Peter Pan 
Intermediate Drama
A more in depth study of characterization. Small scene study throughout the course. Lots of memorization and group work.
Captain Hook is battling Peter Pan
Advanced Drama
You must successfully complete 2 years of Drama and audition for this course.  
Taro dives away from Tamanoi in The Undercover Lover
Subpages (2): Fundraising Syllabus