Debbie Apperson

Sixth Grade Exploratory Keyboarding, Seventh Grade Computer Solutions, Eighth Grade Keyboarding Applications


Keyboarding is an exploratory class offered to students for one six-week session in the sixth grade.  Upon completion of the class, the students should be able to:

  • Identify the computer system components.
  • Boot, access, and exit operating system and software.
  • Input data and commands using peripherals (e.g. keyboard and mouse).
  • Key alphabetic, numeric, and symbol information using a touch system and correct techniques.
  • Manipulate data/software/operating system using function keys, icons, bars, and pull-down menus.
  • Improve keyboarding techniques.
  • Increase keyboarding speed and accuracy.
  • Proofread copy.
  • Maintain work station, equipment, materials, and supplies.
  • Describe ergonomics in the technology work place.
  • Investigate careers using keyboarding applications.

Students will learn the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol reaches.  Emphasis will be placed on practicing keyboarding using proper techniques, developing accuracy, and building speed.  A test is given each Friday to measure the students’ understanding of the material covered during the week. 

Each week of the six-weeks Keyboarding exploratory class, students will work to increase their accuracy and speed using various typing programs.  They will continue to focus on using proper techniques for touch typing as they learn the home row keys and reaches to learn all 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers, and symbols.

Computer Solutions is an elective exploratory class offered to students for two six-week sessions in the seventh grade.  Students apply their keyboarding skills to the preparation of a variety of documents.  Emphasis is placed on learning word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation applications. 

During the week of April 12-17, students will practice keyboarding drills daily to improve accuracy and speed.  Class emphasis will be on creating and formatting flyers using a variety of formatting applications.  This week, students will also learn to format business letters with envelopes.

Keyboarding Applications is offered to eighth graders as an elective for high school credit.   Students will learn the correct techniques for keying alphabetic, numeric, and symbol characters.  They will apply their skills to the preparation of a wide variety of business documents including letters, reports, and resumes.  In addition to developing word processing skills, students will learn and develop spreadsheet, database, and presentation skills.

During the week of April 12-17, students will learn to use the many different formatting applications to enhance the appearance of documents.  They will create a flyer featuring the different formatting applications.

An Internet search for keyboarding practice will yield many free programs that students may use to help improve their keyboarding accuracy and speed.  One such program that we use frequently in class is
This site provides a wide range of practice opportunities.