Ms. Lindenbaum


I am very excited to be working with your child again this school year. We have a lot planned! I will be adding some helpful websites and worksheets for extra practice on topics we are learning about. 

Students will be completing a puzzle as a class to earn rewards. In order to earn puzzle pieces, students must follow school rules, work hard, and show P.R.I.D.E. Once the puzzle is complete, the class will cook something fun. This will allow us to practice life skills and skills from all content areas (i.e. measurement, following directions, temperature, time, etc.)

Homework: Students will have homework :) It will be written in their agenda books that they got the first day of school. Students will also be using their agenda/planner books as their pass to leave the classroom (i.e. bathroom, nurse, water, etc.) Included in their homework will be a reading calendar. Every night students will be responsible to read for at least 20 minutes. Parents must sign off on this in order for students to get credit. It is the students' responsibility to ask you to sign it when they finish reading.

Students will also have Spelling homework each night in their notebooks.

ALL homework will be extra practice of what was taught. If the student cannot do it independently, please write me a note and I will re-teach/re-mediate.

Some of the topics we will be working on this year to complete our VAAP binders include:

7th graders:

-synonyms & antonyms

-story elements

-determine how headings, key words, & key phrases relate to what is being read

-probability - possible/impossible

-area of a rectangle

-writing money amounts correctly

8th graders:

-cause & effect

-new vocabulary

-fact & opinion

-produce writing that is appropriate

-write using correct end punctuation - question mark/period

-measurement - capacity - cups, pints, gallons, quarts

-subtracting fractions

- solving algebraic expressions - addition and subtraction

-predator/prey relationship

- using chemical and equipment safely

-matter- solid, liquid, and gas

-characteristics that define species

-renewable energy sources

7th & 8th grader History:

- 7 continents & 5 oceans

-American Revolution

-Major products and industries of Virginia's five geographic regions

- 3 branches of Virginia government

I look forward to a successful school year! Go Mustangs!