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Photography by Anne Barkley











Photography I

at Nelson County

High School 


Anne Barkley


Photography class is a place where students “write with light,” as the Greek word photography translates.  Students learn: composition, camera operation, the basics of landscape photography, portrait photography, and action photography.  The class explores both film and digital methods.  NCHS has a darkroom where students learn how to develop film, understand print-making skills, and make classical silver prints. Our equipment includes a full computer lab and with a professional photo printer. Photoshop and Google Picasa software are taught, as well as digital editing skills.


Special subjects in Photography, such as Pinhole Camera Prints, Photograms, Color/Qualities of Light, Studio Lighting, Toning, Double Images, Vignettes, and Basic Presentation Skills are covered, as time allows.  When the weather is good, the class ventures outside for nature walks, with hands-on camera instruction.  Students create a variety of digital and film projects.  Seasonal shows are presented as space is available.  


Students learn basic photographic techniques;
grades are based upon daily class participation, photography projects with assigned criteria, homework, and quizzes/tests. Students are encouraged to develop their photography skills, to work together with their peers, and to feel at ease both in front of, and behind the camera.  Homework is important and relevant to the techniques taught. Student creativity and individual artistic perspectives are encouraged within the guidelines of the assignment.
Student Work:  
Below: "Autumn Relaxation" by
John Armstrong
 Below:  "Star Rose" by Brittany Grubb  
Below:  "Wind Spinner" by 
Christina Simpson   
Below: "Squiggle Road" by
Kassee Thomas 
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