Central Wisconsin STEM Academy (CWSA)

 A new school within Alexander Middle School

 Established Fall of 2014

Serving Multi-Aged Grades 4-8

Under Construction!!!  We've heard your feedback!
Click here for our new and improved CWSA school website!
New features include:
Easier to find information
Links to assignments and deadlines
Resources for students and parents

  • I think learning can be fun and it is possible to work hard and have fun at the same time.

  • I'm ready to be treated more like an adult and take more responsibility for my learning.

  • I think I would like a small school that has fewer social "cliques." I want a school where I can be myself and still be accepted.

  • I like to know I am learning something that is relevant to me and has uses in the world. I regularly ask, "Why do we have to learn this stuff?" I feel learning to work with others as a team is an important skill for my future.

  • I like to be in an environment that challenges me and pushes me to make myself better.

  • I'd like to do a real world internship in an area that matches my career interests.

  • I enjoy projects and I learn better in a hands-on curriculum.

  • I'm a creative person and would like to use more of my creativity in my learning.

  • I have a business idea that I'd like to try out.