ISA Internship

Class of 2015 - your Internship Student Resource Packet has been shared, and you have received an invitation to join our Google+ Communities Group (ISA Senior Internship 2014-2015). Make sure you have a Google+ profile created, as that is necessary before you can accept the invitation. 

Class of 2015 - be sure to use the assignment turn in bin to submit your assignments from both categories. 

Any organizations that have requested an ISA, can be found on the possible placements page

Thank you to all former and current mentors!

Victoria Norton Woodard
The International School of the Americas
Internship & Service Learning Coordinator

Office located in the ISA Main Office (we have been relocated to the Lee Library for Summer 2014).

Are you a parent of a student completing an internship in the 2013-2014 school year? Please take some time to review the Parent FAQ, the program Requirements and Policiesas well as the Internship Placement Guide and discuss the contents with your student. Still have questions? Please feel free to contact me anytime.