Web Master

As Web Master for the Lee campus webpage my goal is to create and maintain web pages that:
  • ·      Are dynamic (the community will come back frequently for information)

    ·         Are sophisticated, with contemporary designs that reflect the mission of each school

    ·         Are user friendly

    ·         Promote the activities of students and staff

    ·         Are helpful and contain resources for community and staff

    Web Page Changes

    If you want changes or additions to a web page, please fill out this form .  You can also come by room 213 before school or 113 during 5th period lunch, 8th period or after school.  Email or message me to see if I am available, or let me know if I need to come to you.

    Complete this form if you have changes to be made to a page.  The more detailed the information, the better and quicker I can help to make those changes.  Let me know if you have special requests or design suggestions or concerns.

    If you choose not to use the form... please inlcude this information an email or make an appointment with me:

    1. Subject of the email, in this order: "webpage - Lee"  followed by a word or two that identifies a context (This helps because I sort my email and will see web page changes easily.)

    2. Include the url of the page where you want changes or additions OR the section/page where you want a page created. 

    For example, the url of this page is: https://sites.google.com/a/neisd.net/pamela-valentine/web-master

    - navigate to the page where you want a change made 

    - click one time on the address at the top of the page 

    - ctrl C or right click COPY 

    - ctrl V or right click PASTE 

    3. Always provide a headline for any links.(This is the text that will go with a link.)

    4. Send a word and a pdf document of if you want a document posted and linked (sometimes it looks better to make a new page).  With providing a word document I will have formatted text available.  Also, it is easiest to put the text in the body of the email unless it is a long document that will be posted as a pdf.  If so, send the Word document.

    5. Check SULU that you have releases for all students who are recognizable in photos and videos. 

    The form asks for all of the items above.


    1,   Please be sure to have someone proof your work before you send it to me for posting. 

    2.   Sometimes it is better to make a new page than to add information as an attachment.  Please give me both a word document and a pdf version of a file.  

    3.   Tabs and spaces don't translate well from a word document to a web page.  Avoid tabbing.  Use tables as much as possible.  I cannot always reformat your documents, but will always will with you on that.

    4.   If you have a pdf file fill-able form that needs only a few edits, it is far easier for me to make edits on the form than to make a new form.  Print out the form, mark up changes, put it in my ISA mailbox and give me a heads up via email that it is there. I will email you when it is posted. 

    Staff Directory Changes

    At the beginning of the year if there are changes to the staff directory, please use the word document that was given to the principle's administrative assistant to make changes. Changes made during the year can be made by emailing staff information to pvalen@neisd.net in this format:

    Last name,first name, email, team (if there is one), position

    For Lee, be sure to update Henrietta too.  She keeps the master list for Lee.

    Checking for permission to post images of students or student work (SULU):

    To see students permissions: 

    Log in to employee portal 

    Underneath Tardy and Compass is 

    Student Privacy Inquiry 

    That is where you will see if a student/parent has given permission for their image to be on a district webpage. 

    The other old way is to look them up in SULU (Intranet and then logins) 


    Thank you, Pamela Valentine