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Within NEISD, use the NEISD applications download folder.  It should contain the LAME file needed to save sound as an MP3.  But, if for some reason, after you have recorded a file in Audacity and the option for MP3 file is greyed out, the LAME application file is also located on the student server/computerlab/sound files/lame_enc.dll.  Then you will be able to export as an MP3.  It is a good idea to make a short test file when first using the application.


This is what you would use from outside NEISD.

Downloads (As with all software, check with the administrator of the computer before downloading.  These resources are not an endorsement of the product.  NEISD  holds no responsibility for downloading or using.

Download Audacity  

Audacity sound recorder

LAME (An MP3 Encoder)

To convert Audacity files to MP3, also download the Lame file.  (The LAME dll will go in the in Programs/Audacity/Plug Ins.)


A great resource for support is:

Atomic Learning:


This resource is available to all NEISD employees, students, and parents.  Ask for the login and password.


Misty Belmontez compiled these documents:


Audacity Basics


Recording and Editing Audacity


Exporting Sound File as an MP3


Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

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Saving Power Point as JPEGS