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    Writing Tools

     Citation Machine



    helps to identify the best search engine for the kind of search needed


    Working with images

    Stamping an image with its source.  NEISD Ed Tech resource – Terri Sanchez




    Downloads (As with all software, check with the administrator of the computer before downloading.  These resources are not an endorsement of the product.  NEISD holds no responsibility for downloading or using.)


    Audacity Download

    Audacity sound recorder and editor

    LAME (An MP3 Encoder)

    To convert Audacity files to MP3, also download the Lame file



    Multiple Applications


    Atomic Learning

    Requires a neisd password

    Login: neisd

    Training Library has tutorials

    Adobe Design Center Workshop

    All Adobe products including:

    Dreamweaver and Acrobat



    Important planning sheet before you start filming.  The same file is available in PDF form at the bottom of this page.

    Tips for taking video

    Video Tips for Video

    MovieMaker file notes

    How to get started: first step to create a new project!
    BE ALERT! Watch where your files are saved. If you save them on one of the school’s computers save them to the SHARED Folder/Video.  Check with your teacher about where to share.

    HD MovieMaker settings

    Mr. Garcia wrote these tips.  Use these movie maker settings if you have files from the HD sony dvd cameras (not the ones that use tapes)

    Power Point

     Optimize Images

    Optimize the images in a presentation, either one at a time or an entire presentation.




    Word 2003 commands locations in the new Word 2007
    (Thanks Ms. de la Torre)

    Top 10 Most Read Stories on

    1. Top 10 Sites for Creating Digital Art »
    2. Top 10 Applications for Creating Screencasts »
    3. Top 10 Sites for Creating Slide Shows »

    Kizoa -

    Creates beautiful slide shows, with a variety of music, effects, transitions to choose from

    Shwup -

    Great site for creating private collaborative slide shows with features such as the ability to allow comments.

    Photo Peach -

    Unique site that allows users to create quizzes in their slide show through multiple choice questions.

    Animoto -

    One of the most popular sites around with an educational instance.

    Slideroll -

    A very nice site site that allows the user to make private or allow comments.

    Flixtime -

    Easy to use site where a user uploads photos and selects audio and transitions and then gets a code to embed into their site.

    One True Media -

    Great site to create animated slide shows with video.

    PhotoSnack -

    Very user friendly site with a drag & drop interface. -

    Create flash based slide shows and get an embed code to put it on a site.

    Vuvox -

    An excellent site for creating beautiful multimedia slide shows.