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    Photography Portrait:

    Image Communicates Identity
    Changes to due dates will be announced.


    Overview: Students will compose a digital photograph that introduces him or her self and communicate who they are.  

    Each student will:

    • compose a self-portrait that expresses their identity 
    • write a paragraph introducing him or her self
    • post the image and the paragraph
    • record their statement, insert the recording into the blog



    In Class Activity


    Day 1

    Introduce Project

    Introduce portrait examples

    Identity worksheet due

    Planning Sheet (finish at home)


    Planning Sheet- below

    portrait and artist statement


    Day 2


    Review setting camera, taking images

    Planning sheet (intro paragraph and plan for photo)



    Day 3

    Studio time to take images
    Insert self-portrait into pp slide

    Record  paragraphs using audacity
    Practice manipulating images


    Day 4


    • Record  paragraphs using audacity.  Turn in file.
    • image and paragraph inserted on global art page on isajourneys

    Photos Due
    Electronic files, portraits and sound turned in

    Day 5

    Portrait critique        


    Photography Tips - Posing and Cropping For Senior Photography