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Self-Portrait Unit

Subject Matter Portrait Art Global Art

Identity and Culture

Photography Portrait Planning Sheet

Overview: Students will compose a digital photograph that could be used to introduce himself or herself and communicate who they are.  The image will be uploaded on the student’s blog.  If a student does not have parental permission to have their photograph on the blog, they will create an avatar and use that as the self-portrait.

Each student will:

  • compose a self-portrait that expresses his or her identity (A partner can take the image, set the camera to timer, or put the camera on a tripod.)
  • -introduce him or her self
    TIP: Use your identity worksheet and images homework

    - use only your first name (NO last names please)

    - include facts like your experience as an artist and goals you had for the Global Art class.  It can also include your age, grade, family information, hobbies, interests- anything that will help the viewer better understand who your artwork and who you are. 

        -   explain the  cultural influences seen in his or her portrait.

         (Over the year you have looked at many cultures and examples of artwork.)

        explain what he or she has learned about his or her creative process.

  • upload the image and the paragraph into the blog
  • add signage (title, medium, date, credit the photographer )

Note: Digital cameras are available during class or by appointment before school or at lunch to use on campus

Finish the portrait and the paragraph and still have time?
  • Record the statement/ introduction using Audacity. 
  • Insert it into your blog.

Please schedule a time before school, after school, lunch, if you want to use a digital camera at school out of class time to make your portrait.  Partner with another student or friend to take your photograph.  Be sure to credit the photography on your blog.

Remember that this is a portrait communicating you as an artist.  While it is professional because it is for your school portfolio, you are not expected to wear suit or formal dress.  Wear something that expresses who you are as a student.  Use your creativity! 

Consider taking several photographs with different poses.


Day 1 - Friday 5/17 Introduction to portraits - Planning sheets for homework

Day 2 - Monday 5/20 Work with blogs

Day 3 - Tuesday, 5/21 By the end of class you will have your portrait and paragraph, with artist statement, added to your blog. Turn in self-evaluation by the end of class.

Please fill in your plan.

Things to consider in your portrait:

  1. Setting (note: If you plan to use the school camera, you will have to take your portrait in room 113 or in the ISA building during lunch.)

  2. Full-length figure or only the head and shoulders 
    Pose – frontal, three quarters view, profile?
    (Keep in mind that a full-length figure may be more difficult to view.

  3. How are you dressed? How does your dress represent you? 

  4. What other objects or things will be in the picture? What items can you include that will reflect your interests, your culture, and your personality.
    Consider what these items communicate to the viewer.

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