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Gallery 2012

Artwork that explores how cultures honor those that have passed. 

Mentioned in the Express under their One Awesome Thing to Do:

Exhibit: Institute of Texan Cultures, October 13th - November 11th

Artist Reception October 13th by invitation 9-10 Family Day 10-2 open to the public

Remembrance ISSN 2013 Presentation Slides

Artist Statements and Student Work

Brochure    Research Worksheet  Planning Sheet Self-Evaluation ITC Release #1 and # 2 

Artist Statement ITC Catalogue Worksheet ITC Catalogue Worksheet Guidelines

: Construct an assemblage that honors a friend(s), family, or community member who has passed away.  Write an artist statement explaining it . 

Enduring Understandings

The process of researching and creating remembrance sculptures that reflect their personal experience, and talking and/or writing about it for others, will help students to: 

  • understand ancestral veneration in art around the world
  • explore how art is used to express feelings
  • develop communication skills to express personal experiences

Essential Questions

  • Why do humans commemorate the dead?
  • What are the similarities and differences in how diverse cultures honor ancestors?
  • How is art a tool for creating community expression, creativity, and self-expression?
  • How can art honor and memorialize?


  • Introduction to the project—Kick off
  • Research how cultures honor and remember the dead
  • Compare and contrast
  • Plan and design
  • Create a personal remembrance
  • Write an artist statement
  • Video tape the statement 
  • Exhibit 

The artist statement will:

  • Describe the person honored
  • Explain the significance of the objects and design  and what they communicate
  • Draw cultural influences and connections
  • Reflect on the creative process
  • Be printed in a museum brochure and video taped for presentation


  • Thoughtfulness 
  • Craftsmanship
  • Appropriate images for public display

Artist/Artforms Explored: Louise Nevelson, assemblage
Cultural Ties: Mexican Day of the Dead ofrendas, Japanese, and Chinese altars

Resources  inspiration for this project Japan , butsudan  How to for making ofrenda and the basic elements to be included. constructing a butsudan  Great example of mestizo (blending of cultures) Day of the Dead altar dedicated to Al Green. Has two examples of items that while not necessarily offensive, would not be appropriate for a school project.  China spirit house              Mexican Day of the Dead altar. Symbols explained.
Example of an Artist Statement:

Mia B. Remembrance Artist Statement

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