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Students will create an original piece that is composed of multiple recognizable objects (a collection), refashioned into something new. It will be representational (represent something - not non-objective). It should be sculptural (3 D). It should communicate a concept.  There are no requirements for scale except for your ability to gather materials and have space to work.

Before you begin you must:
gather materials
sketch a plan
write your concept
list the materials
get an ok

Remember to keep in mind how you will construct the piece.  
We will have hot glue guns, but any other materials/tools you need to bring.(Note:  We have a limited number of glue guns. If you have your own, bring it.  We do have some small glue sticks.)

You will include an artist’s statement (minimum 5 sentences) with your work and post to your portfolio.

____________________ will be studio days. The finished project is due ______________ at the beginning of class.

Due: --------------------- beginning of class.  Reminder that late assignments, without an excused absent, may be turned in for a 10% late penalty one day late.  Please consult with me if you need help or to schedule a work time.

Vocabularyassembling, casting, modeling and carving.
Great vocabulary practice page.


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